8 Design Features of New Orleans Historic Kitchen Renovations

New Orleans boasts a unique blend of architectural styles that reflects its diverse past. When it comes to renovating kitchens in historic New Orleans homes, there is perhaps no better company to explain some of the most common “New Orleans Style” design elements than MLM Custom Homes and Renovations, an award-winning kitchen renovator in the New Orleans area.

In this article, we will outline 8 common design features that define classic kitchen renovations in New Orleans, capturing the essence of bygone eras while accommodating contemporary needs.

  • Antique Cabinetry and Woodwork: One of the most striking features in historic New Orleans kitchens is the use of antique cabinetry and woodwork. Homeowners completing renovations, therefore, often opt for custom-built cabinets that replicate the intricate detailing and craftsmanship of the past. Solid wood, often reclaimed from old homes or salvaged materials, not only adds character but also aligns with the sustainability trend in modern design.
  • Patterned Tiles and Flooring: Patterned tiles have long been a staple in New Orleans’ historic homes, and kitchens are no exception. Geometric patterns, checkerboard designs, and intricate motifs on tiles and flooring add a touch of authenticity to the renovation. The use of vintage or reproduction tiles allows homeowners to capture the charm of the past while ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.
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Patterned Kitchen Backsplash in New Orleans Kitchen Renovation
Courtesy MLM Custom Homes and Renovations
  • Color Palette Inspired by Tradition: Renovations of 100 plus year old kitchens in New Orleans frequently incorporate color palettes inspired by traditional Creole and French influences. Earthy tones, such as warm yellows, rich blues, and deep reds, echo the vibrant hues seen in the city’s historic architecture. These colors not only pay homage to the past but also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the heart of the home.
  • Open Shelving and Display Spaces: Open shelving has become a popular choice in traditional kitchen renovations, providing a practical solution for storage while showcasing treasured dishware and collectibles. Homeowners often opt for reclaimed wooden shelves or wrought iron brackets that mimic the look of traditional New Orleans homes. This design feature not only maximizes storage but also adds a personalized touch to the kitchen space.
Open Shelving in New Orleans Kitchen Renovation
Courtesy MLM Custom Homes and Renovations
  • Vintage Appliances with Modern Functionality: While historical aesthetics are crucial, functionality is equally important in modern kitchens. Many homeowners opt for vintage-style appliances that mimic the look of old-fashioned stoves and refrigerators while incorporating modern technology. This blend allows for the seamless integration of historical charm with the conveniences of contemporary living.
  • Copper and Brass Accents: Historic kitchens in New Orleans are often adorned with copper and brass accents, such as faucets, range hoods, and light fixtures. These metals not only bring a touch of elegance but also develop a rich patina over time, further enhancing the kitchen’s historic aesthetic. Integrating these materials into the renovation allows homeowners to celebrate the enduring beauty of vintage design.
Copper Faucets and Light Fixtures in New Orleans Kitchen Renovation
Courtesy MLM Custom Homes and Renovations
  • Reclaimed Wood and Butcher Block Countertops: In line with the preference for sustainable and authentic materials, many historic kitchen renovations in New Orleans feature reclaimed wood or butcher block countertops. These materials bring warmth and character to the kitchen while showcasing the imperfections and history embedded in the wood. The use of reclaimed materials aligns with the city’s commitment to preserving its cultural and architectural heritage.
  • Farmhouse Sinks and Pot Fillers: Farmhouse sinks, with their deep basins and apron fronts, are a common choice in historic kitchen renovations. Paired with vintage-inspired faucets and pot fillers, these features not only evoke a sense of nostalgia but also enhance the functionality of the kitchen. Homeowners appreciate the convenience of pot fillers, which pay homage to traditional Creole cooking practices.
Farmhouse Sink in New Orleans Kitchen Renovation
Courtesy MLM Custom Homes and Renovations

Historic kitchen renovations in New Orleans are a testament to the city’s commitment to preserving its unique cultural and architectural heritage. At MLM Custom Homes and Renovations, we work with homeowners in New Orleans to create kitchens that not only honor the past but also cater to the needs of present-day living. These design features serve as a bridge between eras, allowing residents to enjoy the best of both worlds in the heart of their historic homes.

To discuss your historic New Orleans kitchen renovation, contact the team at MLM Custom Homes and Renovations.

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