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MLM Incorporated is a team of luxury builders who are proud to call Louisiana home.

Our story began back in 2006, paving the way for more than 15 years of success as a locally owned and operated company. With extensive experience in new construction and renovations, we have the knowledge that is necessary to execute any vision. No idea is out of the question! Our team even specializes in historic renovations that require the utmost care and precision.

At MLM Incorporated, we believe your house is much more than a roof over your head. It’s a reflection of who you are. Our mission is to help you create a home that fits your wants and needs for years to come.

Building Across Southern Louisiana

Beauty, culture, and an endless list of activities. Louisiana truly has it all. At MLM Incorporated, we want to help you create the home of your dreams, right here in the Bayou State.

We serve the following areas with a keen understanding of practical and stylistic preferences in each individual region.

New Orleans

While New Orleans is known for welcoming tourists from all over the world, “The Big Easy” is a great place to call home. You’ll never run out of things to do and new restaurants to try. Plus, it’s a place that features beautiful architecture and opportunities for cultural immersion.

For our team, this service area is an exciting place where design opportunities abound. You’ll find unique color schemes and wrought iron features that add stunning finishing touches.

Uptown in particular features neighborhoods nestled among sprawling oaks, perfect for building or renovating a historic home. MLM Incorporated has a deep understanding of the different design elements necessary for a New Orleans home.


While some want to associate Metairie with New Orleans, it is an area that is unique in many ways. In fact, it was developed as a 20th-century alternative to New Orleans. From upscale boutiques to suburban convenience, Metairie is a popular place for growing families. For example, “Family Gras” is a carnival calendar favorite that enables kids to join in the fun of Mardi Gras.

Metairie is a wonderful community for people hoping to build a luxury home, which makes it an important part of our service area. This area also features many homes from the 1920s, which is why MLM Incorporated is a great resource for those in need of careful historic renovations.


On the western bank of the Mississippi River is a heavily residential area appropriately referred to as the Westbank, home to Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. This family-oriented community is full of life as it blends beauty with amenities and activities.

From Creole Cottages that are familiar across the greater New Orleans area to traditional homes with French-inspired touches, the Westbank is a perfect location for your next home.

MLM Incorporated has a team that is able to hit the ground running for renovations and new construction across every southern Louisiana service area, the Westbank included. We invite you to take a look at our photo gallery to gain inspiration for your home project!

Baton Rouge

The capital city of Louisiana is both modern and experiential, bustling with museums, restaurants, and live music. Tourists and residents alike enjoy the riverfront and an opportunity to learn about the history of Louisiana. Surrounding cities like New Roads and St. Francisville offer that quaint feeling of living in a small town, but with plenty of amenities nearby.

This area is home to many traditional-style houses, as well as some other architectural elements that are prominent throughout Louisiana. For example, Acadian-style homes that feature a high, steep roof and large front porch. MLM Incorporated can help construct and renovate the unique homes in this region.


Just 40 minutes outside of the French Quarter lies an area on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

From Covington to Slidell, the Northshore is rich with culinary offerings and water activities along clear streams. Many residents enjoy biking through the Tammany Trace, a 31-mile bike trail that weaves through beautiful trees.

The communities in this area have been described as “idyllic”, especially for those who enjoy the great outdoors. MLM Incorporated can help you build or renovate the perfect Northshore home to fit your lifestyle and needs. It’s a great setting for large wraparound porches and sprawling yards that allow you to enjoy everything this service area has to offer. 

MLM Incorporated: Experience The Difference

More than a decade of experience in the southern Louisiana market has made us the premier builder and renovator in the region. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional attention to detail throughout the design process, followed by the craftsmanship in every phase of building. At the end of the day, we want to create a beautiful place for you to call home. Whether you have a growing family or are enjoying retirement, our mission is to walk you through the process of building or renovating, making it easy and even enjoyable.

Our team is qualified, experienced, and highly regarded. We employ architects, technicians, and contractors with an eye for luxury and impeccable quality. You can trust that we have high expectations for every subcontractor we work with in order to ensure the end result is in line with your vision. What’s more, we go above and beyond to ensure we respect your budget and your timeline as we move through the process.

Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial project, MLM Incorporated can handle the job. We invite you to learn more about our commitment to excellence.

New construction

Are you dreaming of designing the perfect home? The areas we serve are ideal for building from the ground up. From the grand feeling of a French Provincial home to the charming elements of a cottage or bungalow, MLM Incorporated can bring your dream to life.

Here’s a quick look at the various phases of the building process from start to finish:

  • Finding and purchasing the site for your new house
  • Brainstorming design preferences and lifestyle needs
  • Developing a budget and timeline for building
  • Construction and final touches throughout the process

If you can’t seem to find what you’re searching for, reach out to us to learn more about building a home in one of the areas we serve.


When you love your location and your house, but want to make a few changes, a home renovation can help. Whether you’re simply looking to add functionality to your kitchen or hoping for a full-scale renovation of the entire house, MLM Incorporated should be your first call.

The areas we serve feature beautiful houses, but some are aging. Improve the overall aesthetic and modernize your amenities with these renovation ideas:

  • Replace countertops and flooring
  • Upgrade cabinets to maximize storage space or change the color/style
  • Alter the layout of your kitchen or bathroom to provide more space and improve functionality
  • Upgrade appliances to enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency
  • Paint the walls, doors, and window trim to change the style of your home

Historic renovations

Owners of historic homes play an important role within our service area. These beautiful structures are landmarks that stimulate tourism and preserve the uniqueness of southern Louisiana. At MLM Incorporated, we want to help you preserve the integrity of these houses through the necessary renovations that make them livable.

Our goal is to respect the heritage of each of these houses. Because we handle these projects with unmatched precision and care, we have been tasked with extensive citywide historic home renovation projects. Replacing mechanical and electrical infrastructures without disturbing the original façade is difficult, but rewarding. Simply put, it’s an honor to be a part of these types of projects.

Your Luxury Home Builders

Choosing a general contractor will be the most important decision you make as you start this journey. Whether you’re building from the ground up or renovating, the company you work with should have an impeccable record with 5-star client reviews. This is exactly what MLM Incorporated is known for.

Here’s a look at why we’re the right match for any luxury home building job in the service areas mentioned above:

  • We are licensed, insured, and experienced in obtaining building permits
  • Our sub-contractors are dedicated to meeting the high standards we set
  • Past clients are willing to serve as glowing references
  • We provide timelines and budgets from day one, giving you an idea of what to expect
  • The custom app we use during a project will provide you with daily updates and seamless communication 

As soon as we begin working on your project, you’ll notice that customer service is always top of mind.  Our goal is to execute your vision in a timely manner, always keeping you in the know regarding progress. The integrity and precision we bring to every renovation and new build results in a final product that reflects your distinct style.

Are you ready to start your home project in one of the beautiful southern Louisiana areas we serve? Contact us today for a consultation.

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