Avoiding Unexpected Surprises With New Construction Projects

Building a new home, or any new construction projects, is an exciting undertaking, not to mention a major investment! To ensure the best and smoothest building experience, the buyer should work closely and be in regular communication with their residential contractor during all phases of the new construction project. These tips will help every buyer avoid any unexpected surprises when moving day draws near.

Stay Involved and Informed

couple holding hands in wood frame house new construction projectsIt might be difficult to visit the home site often, especially for buyers who live some distance away, but it’s crucial to stay up-to-date on how things are going at the home. Many residential contractors recommend that the buyers visit the site at least three times, including when the home has been surveyed and staked (to make sure the home is situated properly), after framing is complete and mechanical installation is taking place, and during the final walk-through. Buyers who live nearby should consider visiting the site more frequently, because the earlier potential issues are detected, the easier it will be to resolve them.

Stick to the Punch List

Prior to closing, the residential contractor will walk the buyer through the home. This is the time for the buyer to inspect the home for any defects or imperfections that need to be fixed before moving day. The buyer can print out a new construction punch list (which can be found online), and go through each item on the list to be sure everything is covered. The list should be thorough, and it should cover anything and everything that needs to be addressed, from scratched countertops to disconnected light switches. This is the buyer’s home, after all, and it should be perfect when they move in.

Remain Flexible

While the residential contractor will lay out a timeline with an estimated completion date, it’s not uncommon to encounter construction issues that delay the project. Whether bad weather pushes construction back a few weeks (which is not uncommon in New Orleans) or the crew encounters issues building the foundation of the house, it’s important to understand that the timeline is likely to change with any new construction projects. Some companies may allow the buyers to pay for rushed work, but it’s better to be flexible on the move-in date to ensure that everything is completed thoroughly and correctly.

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