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  • Showroom Design That Sizzles Across the Coast

    New Orleans’ businesses have a certain air about them. There is a certain way they seem to carry themselves that shows both an eye toward culture and history as well as an eye toward the chic and modern. These businesses understand the cultural climate of the city and through their retail store construction or commercial […]

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  • Store Handicap Access Needs to Be Accessible and Friendly

    Customers with disabilities need to have all of the same access to businesses that anyone else needs. Companies could lose important potential customers if disabled access is not maintained correctly. Anyone unsure about local codes can receive assistance from commercial construction professionals. Disabled customers and their families patronize retail shops, malls, restaurants, grocery stores, and […]

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  • Pop-Up Shop Planning And Construction Tips

    Good things sometimes come out of bad situations. The proliferation of pop-up shops, for example, was a direct result of the Great Recession. Desperate for a steady source of income at a time when retail vacancies were high, commercial landlords became more receptive to alternative leasing structures. Instead of insisting on one or two-year leases, […]

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