Choosing the Right Design for Your Retail Store


Photo Of A Retail Store Design - MLM IncorporatedAs any store owner or manager knows, store design can play a critical role in how much time customers spend in the store, what they buy, and even how much they spend. These tips will help owners and managers create a retail store design that encourages customers to return again and again.

Tip 1: The store design should appeal to the shop’s target audience. A high-end designer clothing boutique targets a different clientele than a children’s toy store, and the layout should reflect that. For example, a designer clothing boutique would likely display clothing, accessories, jewelry, and other pieces in a clean, elegant layout, with most of the inventory stored in the stockroom. A toy store, on the other hand, would benefit from a completely different design that puts as much product as possible in front of the consumer (in this case, the kids who will want to buy every toy they see). The audience is perhaps the biggest factor to consider when choosing a retail store design.

Tip 2: Use lighting to transform crowded spaces and create ambiance. It can be difficult to work with small retail store designs, but good lighting across the store ensures that not a single square inch of space is lost. Lighting also creates ambiance, making customers feel comfortable while they shop. Flowers, artwork, and other splashes of color can add ambiance to make up for what the store design lacks.

Tip 3: Avoid clutter to make the shopping experience more pleasant. While retail store designs that showcase as many different products as possible work for some businesses, many owners prefer to limit the amount of inventory on the floor. Store owners who do need to keep more merchandise easily accessible will benefit from using neutral colored furniture and walls with smaller pops of brightly colored merchandise or accent items.

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