11 Of The Best Home Remodeling Ideas In 2021

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Have you decided that 2021 is the year to make some changes to your home? The biggest remodeling ideas and trends can offer inspiration (and motivation!) to drive your next project. Here are the best home remodeling ideas, for every size and for every budget, followed by FAQs to help you get the most out of your remodel.

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1. Start At The Beginning With Your Remodel

The current queen of floor-to-rafters home renovations, Joanna Gaines, doesn’t make a move until clients figure out their own personal style and how they actually use their home.

Use this same focus to start generating home remodeling ideas based on what your family actually needs. For example, there’s no sense in adding a formal living room if you spend all of your time crowded in your kitchen or gathered outside.

2. Create Space To Gather

Speaking of the kitchen, start by creating space to gather in what is usually the most popular room in the house. If a full kitchen renovation isn’t in your budget, consider creating a new island space with seating or adding a kitchen nook for a small table and chairs.

The goal of this home remodeling idea is to create something that is functional, beautiful, and useful for your needs.

3. Change How You Use Your Space

Sometimes we get so used to working around clunky spaces in our homes that we don’t see the possibility of making a change. That awkward 70s knee wall in the bathroom? Weird twists and turns in a closet? Odd cabinet placement in the kitchen? All of these can be changed to better use the space you have.

Historic renovations in particular can help you better utilize space while preserving beautiful architectural details.

4. Move The Party Outside

A huge trend in home remodeling ideas is creating an outdoor room. For milder climates, a three-season outdoor room easily moves life outside with features customized to what you love and need.

Consider storage spaces that double as seating, built-in outdoor kitchens, and other features that make life outside more comfortable.

5. Uncover What’s Already There

Historic homes in Louisiana often suffer from years of neglect or dated remodeling or redecorating efforts. Pull up that carpet, remove that drywall, and lift that drop ceiling to find and renovate gorgeous historic details.

Renovation ideas for old homes look to preserve the past while gently moving into the future. There are often priceless details hidden behind wood paneling and underneath the linoleum.

6. Look Outside The Box

When’s the last time you stood at the curb and looked at your house? Do you need a new front porch, windows, or shutters? Are your gutters properly draining water away from your foundation, or do they need some tending?

These might not be the most exciting home remodeling ideas of 2021 but taking care of them helps protect your greatest investment for many years to come.

7. Don’t Forget The Systems

Another home remodeling idea that is not so glamorous but makes good sense, in the long run, is updating your systems. Old HVAC and plumbing costs you more than you think. Updating these systems helps to better heat and cool your home, saving you money and keeping you comfortable all year.

Also think of how you can go smart. Consider replacing your old thermostat with a smart programmable one to make the most out of new heating and cooling. Likewise, smart irrigation systems make landscape maintenance a breeze.

8. Open Up The Bathroom

Create a beautiful master bath with a total redesign. If it works for your space, a spa-like master bath offers a beautiful retreat from every day with a freestanding soaking tub and a rain showerhead.

Crawling over each other because there is not enough space? Add storage, another sink space, or other features to maximize your bath for a growing family. Bathroom renovations offer a great return on your investment and can help bring a dated bathroom into the 21st century.

9. Add Integrated Separate Spaces

While open space design is still popular for many people, separate spaces that are integrated into the floorplan are key – especially for remote work and school. Home remodeling ideas that incorporate places for privacy and separation are trending in 2021.

This type of renovation might include a home office with soundproofing, or a small exercise room carved out of a formerly open space.

10. Convert Unused Spaces

When it comes to house remodeling ideas for small homes, take advantage of the space you have by actually using all of it. Maybe that formal dining room makes less sense these days. Consider converting these unused spaces to something more functional that fits your life. If the dining room is right off the kitchen, consider expanding the kitchen into that unused space.

Perhaps you have an unfinished basement. An unfinished basement can easily become a game or movie room. Some people have begun converting basements into in-law suites or separate units to rent.

Space under the stairs? Add a powder room or even a micro-office or space for small crafts or reading. Whatever you choose, the best home remodeling ideas create a space that you will actually use.

11. Incorporate Sustainable Design

Solar panels, environmentally-friendly materials, living walls: sustainable design means incorporating natural elements into your home remodeling ideas—whatever those might be.

A sustainable design uses practical features (e.g., smart thermostats, alternative energy sources, and renewable building materials) to create a beautiful, energy-efficient, and comfortable home.

Answers To Frequently-Asked Questions About Home Remodeling

At MLM Incorporated, we know that home remodeling of any size can be intimidating. As a specialist in residential and commercial construction, including renovation and preservation of historic properties, we know that you have questions. This is what you can expect when you tackle your next remodeling project.

What is the cheapest way to remodel your home?

For home remodeling ideas on a budget, it’s helpful to go back to the very first home remodeling trend and start there. Many people think a remodel means gutting and recreating rooms from scratch, but that’s not always true. Think about your overall goals for the remodel, then prioritize projects to get the most out of your budget.

For example, consider how you actually use the area you already have instead of focusing on adding space. If all you need is more storage or a better workflow, can you change a peninsula to an island with cabinets and electrical outlets? Do you use that kitchen nook for eating, or can counters be expanded, with seating? Can you reface cabinets in good shape and update your floors instead of ripping them out completely?

And if you’re handy and looking to save some money, consider doing your own demolition. Not only can it be very satisfying to take out a wall and rip up the floor, but it also saves you some of the initial costs of a home remodel.

How much does it cost to remodel your home?

The cost for remodeling your home is a moving target. It can be as wildly expensive or as affordable as you want it to be. From small changes to the living room to a total home remodel, costs can range from a couple of thousand dollars to the low six-digits.

The best way to figure out what your actual costs might be is to work with a reputable contractor to get a written estimate for your job. They can help you figure out the best way to proceed with your remodel and suggest ways to alter your plans to fit your budget.

When remodeling your house, what should you do first?

There is definitely a set of steps for remodeling your house. Take the time to work through them for the best results.

  • Step 1: Define your style and what your goals are for the remodel. Home remodeling ideas won’t work if they don’t fit your goals. A successful remodel always starts here.
  • Step 2: Figure out which of these goals give you the biggest return on your investment. If money is a concern, or you might sell your house soon, pick projects that improve your quality of life right now while paying off down the road.
  • Step 3: Create your remodeling plan, with priorities and a budget in mind. Having priorities set may help you make tough decisions if parts of the remodel aren’t within your budget right now.
  • Step 4: Find a great contractor. This might mean interviewing multiple contractors and getting a few different estimates for the work. Check references and ask for examples of similar projects.

After these steps, it’s time to set up a timeframe with your contractor. Work with them to set up some realistic deadlines and a budget.

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