How to Give a Home Some Historic New Orleans Charm

Historic renovations lend classic charm and vintage appeal to new construction and home additions. Families considering a home remodel in New Orleans can incorporate design strategies, elements, and materials from the city’s iconic architecture to create an aesthetically pleasing space with modern amenities and durability. Here are five techniques to try.

Light Fixtures Matter

Recessed lighting tends to clash with classically styled homes. Instead, choose fixtures that match the period of the architectural inspiration for the project. Seek out antique fixtures for truly authentic style.

Embrace Imperfection

Mixing up board widths, window styles, and other architectural details gives new construction a pleasant, lived-in feel. This technique keeps your rooms and fixtures from looking too uniform.

Choose Colors Carefully

Historic renovations should use color palettes that were widely used during the period in question. Many paint manufacturers have developed lines of historic hues specifically for this purpose. Earthy, muted hues often work best in period-style decor schemes. Of course, don’t forget the pale blue for the front porch.

Use Real Wood

Nothing adds warmth to a home like wood, and historic homes rarely used plywood or other engineered materials. For the most authentic look, opt to use single plank, board and batten, and beadboard. Salvaged beams, doors, and fixtures are an eco-friendly solution with unmatched character.

Look to the Details

For new construction, homeowners should explore historic homes from their favorite period to find inspiration for authentic details to add during the renovation. This could include a farmhouse sink in the kitchen or vintage knobs and pulls for the cabinets. An antique mirror in the powder room or a gas lantern for the front porch can also add undeniable charm.

MLM Incorporated has extensive experience completing historic renovations, providing creative solutions for both new and old homes. Our pride in preserving New Orleans’ vibrant architectural heritage while creating modern homes that meet our clients’ specifications has earned us a spot on the Best of Houzz list. Check out some of our properties to see how we infuse history into every design.

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