Our Process At MLM

Even though each home is different, MLM Incorporated follows a straightforward process that ensures your project is completed on time and on budget, every time.

Step 1. Complete initial site visit

Whether it’s new construction or a renovation, our first step is the site visit. This helps us to better understand what you are looking for and gives us a good idea of what we are working with.

For residential renovations, we’ll discuss what we can re-purpose or transform existing structures with minimal work, and what will require a total tear-down and redesign. For new builds, we’ll closely consider the lot requirements, any zoning restrictions, and the overall style of your chosen neighborhood.

This first step helps us to better understand your goals. This initial site visit is a great time to consider how you use the room or rooms you are looking to renovate, or to dream of what you want your new home to look like. We can help your brainstorm ideas and develop a list of your needs and wants for your project.

Step 2. Create a project budget

During this step, we give you a general idea of the overall cost. It’s important to note that this can change depending on the choices you make as you select fixtures and finishes, but this first budget offers you a snapshot of what you are looking at in terms of price.

For most projects, a good rule of thumb is to plan with a 10-20% buffer in mind. This takes into consideration any unexpected issues or additional costs that might arise. Even the best plans can be waylaid by a shifting foundation or damage inside the walls that wasn’t apparent on the outside. If you are getting construction financing, a 10-20% buffer built into your loan can help you handle these unexpected costs.

Step 3. Receive client approval

This is the best time to ask questions, modify the scope of your plans, or otherwise change your ideas about your renovation or new build.

Step 4. Develop construction drawings and plans

One of the things that people love about MLM Incorporated is what happens in the next two steps. Step four focuses on construction drawings and plans that give you a better visual of what your finished project will look like. Our construction drawings offer multiple views of the proposed renovation or new build so you can get a better idea of what it will look like. If you struggle to picture in your mind what your renovation will look like, this is the step where your project will truly begin to take shape.

Step 5. Continue to design selections

Included in the construction drawings and plans are options for finishes, fixtures, and details that make your home unique. For example, if you are starting to renovate a master bath, your plans will include pictures of tile for the floor and shower, a variety of bathtubs suitable for the space, suggested paint colors, and light fixtures.

These suggestions will be listed along with vendors and pricing. Our designers can guide you through these choices at this step, or they can provide you with other options as needed.

Step 6. Make revisions and select materials

After looking at the design and finishes, maybe you’ve decided to expand (or contract) your project. Or maybe you found a family heirloom that you’d like to incorporate in a custom piece of furniture. In this step, we’ll make revisions as needed and select your final building materials including ensuring that what is selected is well suited to our hot and humid climate. These materials will be sourced by their stock numbers and added to the project.

Step 7. Final client revisions and approval

One of the best parts about this process is that you have many chances to add and make changes!

Step seven is where you will bring your final revisions to the table and give final approval of the design and the budget.

Step 8. Assemble your build team

Our team prioritizes professional work, great communication, and your satisfaction at the end of every project. The best Louisiana general contractors already have their own teams of subcontractors that they can rely on, and MLM Incorporated is no different.

We have reliable, talented teams in all of the trades. These teams are licensed, experienced, and committed to every detail of your project. This is where we bring them on board to get started on your renovation.

Step 9. Pre-construction visits

Pre-construction visits start with all of the trades coming to the site. These visits help them better see the scope of their work.

You’ll be able to ask questions and get more information during each subcontractor’s visit.

Step 10. Project scheduling

The last step is scheduling your project. In this step, our team will sit down and develop a timeline and plan to complete your project in a timely fashion. We will coordinate with subcontractors as we need them at your site and look at any potential downtimes or trouble spots. Project scheduling is also important to coordinate utility companies and any city permitting reviews.

We also look at our subcontractors or vendor delivery timetables to ensure that all of the materials we need will be delivered when we need them. This includes things like appliances and fixtures when it comes to the final stages of your build.

Work with The Best General Contractors in New Orleans

MLM Incorporated is a Louisiana general contractor that specializes in New Orleans home renovation. Featured in Our Louisiana magazine and New Orleans Lifestyle Magazine, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been recognized as one of the Best of Houzz every year since 2015.

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