A couple looking over a floor plan of their dream home.

Creating your dream home is always exciting. Whether you’re starting a new build or renovating your existing home, every possibility is within your reach with the right home building contractors. At MLM Incorporated, we specialize in new residential construction and renovation projects in the greater New Orleans area. Our team of building specialists manages the entire process of your home build or renovation from day one, ensuring an easier and more enjoyable project for your family.

Ready to get started? We are. This is how we can help you build a house in Louisiana or tackle your home remodeling projects.

How We Help at MLM Incorporated

Our team has been one of the preferred building specialists in New Orleans and the surrounding communities since 2006. We promise high-quality work at a fair price, which keeps our customers coming back to our team for all of their building needs.

If you’re looking for superior knowledge and professionalism coupled with a streamlined approach, we’re the home builders for you.

If you’re building a new home, you can choose from (and customize) a huge selection of pre-designed floor plans. We can also work directly with your chosen architect to design a home that fits your needs. Love your home, but it needs some fixing up? Not a problem. We begin with an assessment plan that takes into account your wants, needs, and budget. From there, we create a detailed design and timeline.

This is what you can expect.

New home construction

If you want to build a house, but don’t know where to start, our team can guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We can manage everything from initial design with our partner architects (or provide stock blueprints for you to customize) to permits to full-scale construction.

As you begin your new construction project, our team will walk you through these important initial steps:

  • Brainstorming: Grab a pen and paper and start to think about your overall goals. How many rooms do you need? What type of floor plan do you like? What is the overall style you’re going for? You’ll make hundreds of decisions during the home building process, both big and small. This initial brainstorming session ensures you don’t lose sight of your major goals along the way. You can tackle this solo or our team can lead you through a number of questions.
  • Budgeting: After you’ve developed a rough design plan, it’s time to consider the financial aspect of building your new home. Your income, current debts, and several other factors will determine your loan amount. With a new build, it’s also a good idea to add an additional 10% to your overall budget, as material costs can vary and your project may change over time. Above all, though, find a budget that is comfortable for you. Once you have a number in mind, get quotes from a few financial institutions or we can suggest some lenders that we commonly work with. 
  • Bring in the professionals: It’s important to hire a team you can trust. At MLM Incorporated, we lead you through the brainstorming and budgeting processes so you can start your new home build with a solid vision. From there, you can work from one of our pre-designed templates (these often save time and money) or work with an architect to design your custom home. 

While you can transform any house into the home of your dreams, new home construction is an extraordinary opportunity. This is your chance to customize a design from the ground up. You can learn more about the full process here or learn more about the new home build timeline here.

We also invite you to find inspiration in our new home construction gallery.

Home renovation

We’ve all been there. You love your home, but there are certain things you’d like to… well, change. Perhaps your kitchen needs a refresh with new cabinets and glittering granite counters, or you’ve always wanted a sumptuous freestanding tub and frameless shower in your master bathroom.

Dare to dream big—residential remodeling can have a significant impact on the value of your house, not just for your own use, but for future buyers.

And, while it may be tempting to go it alone, a qualified and reputable housebuilder has the experience to get the job done right the first time. This ensures your home renovation tasks are done safely, up to code, and with an expert eye for design and usability.

At MLM Incorporated, we most often handle bathroom and kitchen upgrades, but our team has created dream spaces across our customer’s homes. Our design professionals can help you plan a home remodeling project that fits within your budget and boosts your home’s value. As with a new build, we start by focusing on the big picture: brainstorming your needs and wants and developing an affordable budget. Whether you want to upgrade cabinets or countertops or flooring and fixtures, we can help turn your ideas into reality.

Any home renovation project can seem overwhelming, but we walk you through the process, always keeping an open line of communication. Ready to reimagine your home? Check out our design galleries below.

Historic home remodeling

New Orleans is a special place for many reasons, but the historical significance of the city is particularly important. At MLM Incorporated, we believe in maintaining the beautiful, historic structures of the New Orleans area. We have advanced experience transforming unique historic buildings back to the architectural wonders they once were, while also upgrading them for safety and usability.

Construction techniques are much different today than they were back then. We work tirelessly to modernize plumbing and electrical capabilities without disturbing the structure of your historic home. We manage any permits or zoning issues. We also integrate period-appropriate design features and finishes to maintain a home’s historic integrity.

While it may not always be easy, the end result is worth the extra care.

Our team at MLM Incorporated has managed major citywide historic renovation projects in this way. We’ve upgraded entire mechanical and electrical infrastructures in our community’s buildings without disturbing their original facades. We know that historic properties play a major role in our community’s well-being and cultural vitality, which is why we’re passionate about this type of work. See more of our work on historic structures in our gallery.

Work with Home Builders Near Me

At MLM Incorporated, we’re proud to have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. In addition, we have been awarded Best of Houzz every year from 2015 to 2019. Our beautiful designs have been featured in magazines, including Our Louisiana and New Orleans Lifestyle. And, in 2018, we received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for Residential & Commercial Building Contractor (and have an A rating on the site!).

Two home builders reviewing the work being done on a new construction.

If you talk to our former clients, you’ll hear that we are quick to respond and always respectful of your time as well as your budget. Throughout your new home build or renovation project, we always keep you informed through daily logs, schedules, invoices, and more. Put simply, we provide the organization, professionalism, and communication skills to get the job done right, from the initial design to finishes.

At MLM Incorporated, we guarantee this high level of service every step of the project. Our subcontractors uphold our standards, and we ensure that they are experienced, fully licensed, and pay excellent attention to detail. At the end of the day, our goal is to create the house of your dreams within a price point that is comfortable for you.

If you’re searching for new home builders or home improvement contractors in Louisiana, MLM Incorporated can help. Start planning your project today. Contact us to request an estimate.

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