New Orleans is home to some of the most beautiful, historic structures in the nation.

At MLM Incorporated, we believe that it is our job to help maintain these structures and transform aged and beaten buildings back to the architectural wonders that they once were.

City Of New Orleans’ Architectural Heritage

Residents of New Orleans are extremely proud of their city’s architectural heritage and strive to preserve its integrity at all costs. New Orleans is one of the most historic cities in the United States and, thanks to the historic preservation legislation, continues to carry the legacy of our ancestors.

Our Ability To Restore And Preserve

MLM takes pride in restoring and preserving New Orleans. The intricate process of merging the past and the future can sometimes be a challenge, however, due to the differences in construction techniques and modern building material standards. At MLM we take much care in restoring buildings without changing their essence. We know how to balance modernization and historical integrity, as well as all of the challenges that lie beneath the surface of older buildings. At MLM, we have managed some major citywide historic renovation projects that included the replacement of the entire mechanical and electrical infrastructures of the buildings without disturbing their original facades.

Balance Between Historic Preservation And Building Modernization

Each end every homeowner of historic properties plays a role in our city’s wellbeing. Preserving and regulating historic landmarks has a direct effect on improvement of property values, stimulating the tourist industry and therefore fostering economic development. MLM is here to help homeowners in the historical districts of New Orleans to make that impact.

Historic Renovation Projects