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  • Home Renovation Instagrammers Worthy of Notice

    Regardless of the size or nature of the project, home renovation demands creativity and expansive ideas. Leaders in the industry of home remodeling are actively sharing their inspiration on Instagram to help others plan projects. Find some of the best concepts and designs by simply browsing on a computer or mobile device. Eddie Ross As […]

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  • Showroom Design That Sizzles Across the Coast

    New Orleans’ businesses have a certain air about them. There is a certain way they seem to carry themselves that shows both an eye toward culture and history as well as an eye toward the chic and modern. These businesses understand the cultural climate of the city and through their retail store construction or commercial […]

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  • The Shotgun House, Then and Now

    The shotgun house is a long narrow, one-story home design quintessential to the architectural landscape of New Orleans. It is also seen around the Caribbean (particularly Haiti) and in a few other parts of the American South. The popular folklore behind the name comes from the idea of shooting a bullet straight through the front […]

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  • Tailoring Office Renovation to Match Company Culture

    More and more companies are carrying out office renovations based on open workspace designs. According to a study by the International Facilities Management Association, 70 percent of American workers go to offices with open floor plans. But do these floor plans actually create a more productive work environment, or are they simply the latest trend […]

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