After interviewing several contractors and getting their estimates, we decided to hire MLM to totally renovate our New Orleans French Quarter condo. We are so glad we did! From the beginning, MLM exhibited the highest level of professionalism, organization, and expertise. Whereas other companies told us they could do the project without permits (red flag), MLM insisted that we have all necessary permits before beginning work. Meanwhile, I filled out a spreadsheet detailing all my choices in flooring, light fixtures, cabinets, paint colors, etc. MLM would only begin actual work after these decisions were made so that the job could progress without interruption. Once work commenced, we followed progress on Builder Trend. We were able to see through photos and a daily log what was done each day. No decisions were made without our written approval. I was even asked to choose between a round and a square shower drain! When necessary, we were asked to meet with the contractor onsite to make various decisions. I am not a designer or interior decorator, so I often deferred to Machi and Anna’s experience in certain decisions. It was Machi who suggested that we have the bathroom faucets and light fixtures attached to the mirror. Andrew suggested the layout of the floor tiles. My husband is vehemently opposed to renovations of any kind. However, upon the successful completion of this project, he suggested that we renovate our bathroom in our Ponchatoula home! It is totally without reservation that we recommend the team at MLM for any type of renovation or construction project

Debbie Drago
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