A home renovation contractor's blueprint for a home addition project.

The Benefits of Home Additions in Louisiana Vs. Buying A New House Additions in Louisiana

A home renovation contractor's blueprint for a home addition project.

When you turn your house into a home, it can be difficult to cope with the idea of moving. Your furniture fits the space perfectly, you know your neighbors, and everything just makes sense.

What happens when you suddenly need more space? Whether you’re welcoming a new baby or taking care of an elderly parent, home additions in louisiana can solve the problem of needing more space.

Instead of buying a new house, find home renovators you can trust with building up or out. This article will detail everything you need to know about home additions in louisiana.

To Move Or Not To Move?

There are some situations when moving is the only answer. Perhaps your school district isn’t getting top marks and your kids are suffering. Maybe you have a new job and your commute is simply too far away. Reasons like these usually result in a move. Here are the pros and cons of picking up and leaving.

Moving pros

  • Change of location, neighborhood, or school district (if desired)
  • The chance to purchase a house that is newer or more modern
  • Avoiding house additions in Louisiana remodeling construction that may interfere with daily life

Moving cons

  • Selling your current house additions in Louisiana and finding a new one can be time consuming
  • Expenses add up fast when you’re selling, buying, and moving belongings
  • You may not find what you’re looking for in the ideal location

The Benefits Of Home Additions: 5 Things To Consider

Not ready to move? Issues of space or an undesirable floor plan can usually be solved with a house additions in Louisiana remodel. You’ll get more room for your family in a new and improved version of your house, without the hassle of moving. The benefits of home additions in louisiana are plentiful. Consider the following.

1. More living space

Don’t have the land necessary to build out? Not a problem. Consider building up! Adding another story can help you get that increase in square footage. While we’ll discuss this more later on, it’s important to remember that more real estate is made possible through home additions in louisiana.

Whether you’d like a larger master bedroom suite or an entire wing of the home dedicated to your kids, home remodeling is the answer. You will have exactly what you need when you work with home renovators to pinpoint the right amount of space for your project.

2. Personalization

In addition to getting that extra space, you will have the chance to personalize every element of the design. You’ll make decisions about flooring, wall colors, and everything in between. This is a wonderful opportunity to ensure your house additions in Louisiana is reflective of your personal style.

Likewise, it’s important to remember that home additions in louisiana can serve a range of different purposes. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box! From sewing and craft rooms to home offices with built-in desks, the options are endless when you’re doing a home remodel. 

3. Higher property value

Boosting the value of your home has benefits that are two-fold. On a personal level, you get to enjoy your new home additions in louisiana however you see fit. This extra space is a luxury that is there for you to use.

Plus, if you anticipate moving in the future, these house additions in Louisiana renovations often increase the monetary value of your house. When you put your home on the market, you will likely be able to list it at a higher price. home additions in louisiana can have a significant return on investment.

4. Cost efficiency

Depending on the size and scope of your house additions in Louisiana renovations, there may be cost savings to consider.

When you move, there are fees associated with realtors, as well as many other costs. For example, you may have to foot the bill for certain issues discovered during an inspection. Plus, you may end up buying a house additions in Louisiana that costs more than your current one. That means a higher mortgage payment. The act of moving itself is also a large cost when you factor in paying a moving company to pack and transport your furniture.

While home additions can seem expensive on paper, the cost will often be minimal when you compare it to the costs associated with moving.  

5. Increased stability

If stability is important to your family, it’s better to get what you need through home additions. Moving means you’ll be in a new neighborhood with different amenities, and in some cases, you’ll have to change schools or jobs. The short-term hassles of home renovations are easier to deal with than a whole host of changes due to a move.

Should You Build Up Or Build Out?

This is a common question with many answers. In some cases, you will simply have no choice but to build up. For example, if your yard or surrounding space is limited, you won’t have enough room to build out. Plus, there are local zoning laws to consider.

Home additions in louisiana require permits, which means you’ll have to get permission to proceed with either option. In the event that you do have a choice between the two, consider the following.

Benefits of building up by adding another level

As we previously mentioned, building up is often the only option if you don’t have much land. Whether this is adding a second or third floor, there are benefits to going this route. They include:

  • Cost savings – Adding another floor is often less expensive than building out because the foundation is already there. No excavation or concrete pouring results in a more affordable option.
  • Maintaining yard space – You won’t have to worry about losing your yard when you build up. Whether you have a pool or a nice plot of grass, building up allows you to keep your outdoor space exactly the way it is.
  • Building upon existing square footage – In some cases, an attic or even a garage can be used as possible room additions. This is a great way to add more space without doing full construction.

Benefits of building out by extending the walls

If you have the land to build out, this is often the most attractive option from a style and design standpoint. Other benefits include:

  • A livable space during construction – When you’re adding another level to your house additions in louisiana, it can be difficult to stay in the house during construction. On the other hand, building out usually doesn’t affect your current living areas, making it possible to stay put during your home remodel.
  • More leverage for extensive room additions – While you’re limited by the given space when you add a level, building out is like starting from scratch. Nearly anything you have in mind can be accomplished because it’s a completely new space.
  • Zoning laws that are less strict – Unlike building up, there are fewer hoops to jump through when it comes to permits and zoning laws for a build-out. In fact, due to height restrictions, building out is sometimes the only option.

How Much Do Home Additions Cost?

If you’re considering home additions in louisiana, you’ll want to know approximately how much these types of projects cost. While every home remodel is unique, there are average numbers that may help.

According to HomeGuide, the average home additions cost somewhere between $86 and $208 per square foot. In most cases, the final tab is roughly $48,000, but this number can vary greatly. The size of the space, materials used, and location will all have an impact.

Further estimates by room type indicate that building a master bedroom suite is the most expensive of all home additions. Adding an additional bedroom (or even a sunroom) is usually on the lower end of this type of home remodeling.

How Do I Choose The Right Home Renovators?

If you’ve decided on pursuing home additions, congratulations! It’s time to bring your ideas to life. Choosing the right home renovators to execute your vision is an important next step.

These are a few questions to ask a potential general contractor before you make a decision:

  • Do you have ideas for this project?
  • Are there any challenges you foresee when it comes to materials and/or building?
  • What is the timeline for this type of home remodel?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you have references or testimonials?
  • What is the payment schedule and do you offer financing options?
  • How many homes have you renovated over the last year?
  • Do you have a set of standards for hiring subcontractors?
  • How will you stay in touch with me about my project?

MLM Incorporated: Experts In Home Renovations 

Here at MLM Incorporated, we have a straightforward answer to all of the questions listed above. We have extensive experience in full-scale home renovations, especially home additions in louisiana. We have even managed major citywide historic renovation projects.

Our team understands that a home remodel can cause disruptions to everyday life, which is why we take the time to create an enjoyable process. Our goal is to bring your vision to life with the highest quality craftsmanship while staying on time and within budget. Simply put, the team at MLM Incorporated has the professional expertise necessary to get the job done right.

Are you ready to get started on your home additions in louisiana? Let MLM Incorporated assist. Contact us for an estimate.

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