Tricks to Making a Tiny Bathroom Work


Photo of a small bathroom remodel

Whether it be new construction, bathroom remodeling, or renovation, design can be a challenge when your bathroom’s square footage is limited. Here are four ideas to make your bathroom feel larger and give you the extra storage you need.

Use What’s There

If you’re doing bathroom remodeling, try to be more creative with the existing design. Have a window? Use the ledge to place some decorative plants or even bath products. Is there absolutely no way to change the layout? Then use lighter colored paint such as bright whites and neutral blues or grays to make the room appear larger. This instantly gives the feeling of a full renovation to any small bathroom and makes it feel less cramped. If there’s a mirrored medicine cabinet above a storage-killing pedestal sink, put a small shelf between it and the mirror to add just a bit more storage when you’re getting ready.

Creative Storage

Use objects that aren’t common for bathroom storage. For example, wooden or metal crates can be secured to the wall to provide not only an aesthetic quality but also great product or towel storage. A kitchen utensil holder or large vase could hold combs and brushes. Think outside the box, and you’ll be surprised at what objects will work well in the bathroom to provide both functional storage and unique style.

Custom Cabinets

Depending on your renovation or bathroom remodeling budget, think about installing custom cabinets above the toilet or higher up on the wall. If there happens to be space behind the door or beside the toilet, you can create a narrower tower of cabinets up to the ceiling. Also, cabinets could be custom fitted to fit into corners of tight spaces in the bathroom. There are also affordable racks and small cabinets that are pre-made to go over and behind most toilets that can be purchased at most home retailers. Even putting a small shelving unit or trendy floating shelves above the toilet can make for great towel storage.