3 Tips on How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors Wisely

An image displaying an exterior paint color palette.

Whether it’s inside, outside, or somewhere in between, selecting exterior paint colors can be daunting. For home remodeling, choosing from a palette that complements its surroundings is important, but may not be as complicated as it appears. Here are some tips on how to choose the right exterior colors.

Let the Surroundings Help

With home renovations, ideas begin flowing from many outlets as you see pieces next to colors and like how the hues collaborate. The same goes for choosing exterior paints. Use the surrounding buildings and landscaping as a guide to decide what shades you should choose. A great tool to use is a color-coding machine. Most home improvement stores have these, and they can make custom shades from a brought-in sample.

An image displaying an exterior paint color palette.It is important to note that though the machines come close to the samples’ color, they are not exact. So if you are trying to match an existing paint color, or you run out of paint and need more, do not rely on the color coder. Instead, keep the lid from the previous paint can for reference.

Grab Samples

Make sure you bring the store’s free paint chips home, grab as many as you want, and play with the lighting. When choosing a color, it’s important to remember that paint samples look different under sunlight than under the light of the store. Therefore, it’s a good idea to hold these samples out during the day to make sure the color is what you envisioned. Paint chips are also great to have to compare an area’s surrounding with the color you’re choosing to make sure they don’t clash.

Get CreativeAn image displaying an exterior paint color palette.

There are many guidebooks provided by paint companies and written by designers that are great to use, but at MLM, Inc. we trust you with your color choices. Many people fall into the trap of losing creative confidence and refer to someone else for what their exterior space should look like. You know what you want with your home renovations, and what matches your aesthetic. So, be unique and go for it!

While paint may be one of the last things you think about during home remodeling, take time and use these tips to make the right choice. Need help with your home renovation? Let MLM Incorporated assist. Contact us for an estimate.

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