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  • Energy-Efficient Home Improvements That Will Save You Money

    As energy costs rise, what better time than now to consider making energy-efficient home improvements around the house? Furthermore, you will kill two birds with one stone by making energy-efficient home improvements. You’ll be able to save a significant amount of money in the long run, thus allowing you to possibly purchase one of the […]

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  • Renovation Vs. Remodel

    Are you considering the best way to bring out the potential of your home? One of the most important considerations when embarking on a home improvement project is whether to renovate or remodel. Both of these approaches have advantages and drawbacks, and understanding the distinction between the two can help you make an informed decision. In […]

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  • Interior light fixtures in a trendy home.

    Interior Lighting Fixtures for Your Home: Check Out the Latest Designs and Inspiration

    Interior lighting brings illumination to dark corners and adds much-needed ambiance to interior rooms. The light sources in a room can have an enormous impact on the way the room feels and functions. Today’s innovations in the lighting field come together to create eco-friendly, luxurious, task-inspired products and materials. Take a look at some of […]

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  • 5 Unique Color Schemes To Make Your Home Stand Out

    5 Unique Color Schemes To Make Your Home Stand Out

    Whether you’re looking to sell, or simply want to do a home makeover, new paint can go a long way. You can add curb appeal to your house by using a beautiful and cohesive color scheme. Why? Unique exterior paint colors catch the eye, drawing attention to the most attractive homes on the block. Here […]

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  • What’s the Origin of the Clawfoot Tub?

    Because the past plays such a large part in our present, many homes in the New Orleans area are tailor-made for retrofitting vintage luxuries, such as freestanding clawfoot bathtubs. Once de rigueur and made in heavy cast iron, new models are crafted from lighter fiberglass or acrylic, offering additional options in color and style. A clawfoot tub brings a 19th-century touch of class […]

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  • 13 Tiny Bathroom Ideas For A Gorgeous Space On A Budget

    13 Tiny Bathroom Ideas For A Gorgeous Space On A Budget

    If you want to add value to your home and pack a punch on a budget, remodeling the tiny bathroom in your house can help. Remodeling a tiny bathroom offers one of the highest returns on your investment in terms of interior projects, and it can be done quickly, with little fuss and minimal interruption […]

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  • How To Remodel A Room: Walls, Floors, And More

    How To Remodel A Room: Walls, Floors, And More

    At MLM Incorporated, we get tons of questions about how to remodel a room. Where do you start? What is the best way to think about renovations to walls, floors, and more? How can you bring all of your ideas together, and what should you avoid? While remodeling can bring up many questions, we’ve got […]

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  • Things to Negotiate when Remodeling a Kitchen

    When it comes to deciding on which remodel to spend on, remodeling a kitchen can often top the list. In ‘How does kitchen remodeling impact a home’s value?’ we explained how kitchen upgrades like countertops, ventilation, and cooling can increase your home’s appeal when it comes to prospective buyers. However, remodeling a kitchen can be an incredibly […]

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  • Questions to Ask A General Contractor

    15 Questions to Ask A General Contractor Before Hiring

    Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or undertaking a renovation, you’ll make a lot of complex and critical decisions along the way. Your home building or renovation process all begins with choosing the right construction company, though. Having the right team on your side can make all the difference. Luckily, there […]

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  • Why you shouldn’t DIY when it comes to bathroom renovation

    If you’re one of the many homeowners who are planning on a bathroom renovation this fall, you have an important choice in front of you. Should you take the do-it-yourself route to try to cut your overall costs, or should you bring in a professional contractor to make sure your remodel is done right? In […]

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