A Walk Through the Commercial Construction Process

A Walk Through the Commercial Construction Process

When it comes to commercial construction or renovation, no project is ever going to be exactly the same as another. Even if two projects are identical on paper, different complications arise along the way. However, there are certain general steps in the process that stay relatively static. If you are going to be involved in a commercial building project, knowing these steps will help you better understand your project and communicate with your builder.

Getting Started

Again, a lot of this information will depend on your specific project, but typically, a commercial construction project starts with a financial plan, a building plan, and a contractor. In most cases, your contractor will assist you in developing your building and financial plans, so it is imperative that you choose someone you can trust and work with.

Acquiring Permits

Whether it’s new home construction or commercial construction, the project will likely require at least one permit to build on the site. If the correct permits are not attained, the project will be halted and legal action may be taken. For this reason and others, it is also recommended that you obtain insurance for the project.


This step includes clearing the land and installing drainage, utilities, power, and sanitation systems. After these things are properly installed, the contractor will begin constructing the building’s cement foundation, which is essentially the base plate for the rest of the building.


This step includes construction of the framing, roofing, insulation, and walls. Once this process is finished, it is time to paint the interior and exterior and install appliances. This is also a good time to begin landscaping.


Your contractor and construction company will inspect the building once it is finished to make sure the construction is sufficient.


In the future, you may decide that your space needs renovation. This process is similar to the construction process, except for the permit and preparation steps, since you will be working in an existing space.

Knowing these steps will help you achieve the commercial construction results you have in mind.

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