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  • Office Remodel: Four Tips for Employee Collaboration

    Over the past decade, more and more offices have undergone commercial construction projects to transform their space from dull and boring to an open, collaborative environment. The idea is that with one or more large, open areas, employees will be able to work together to better achieve their goals. But there’s more to employee collaboration […]

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  • 3 Tips for Branding an Office Remodel

    Beginning an office remodel or commercial renovation is the perfect opportunity to incorporate branding throughout the space. Rather than relying on outdated posters and placards, businesses will have the chance to seamlessly bring their brand into the new design. Here are a few tips to help put a stamp on the entire office space. Start […]

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  • Creating a Happier Office Space

    When searching for a new workplace or planning a commercial renovation project, here are some ways to incorporate greater employee happiness and satisfaction into the very structure of the office. Workspaces Employee workstations should reflect company culture. A company that encourages collegial cooperation should consider ditching individual offices or cubicles in favor of an open-structure […]

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  • Choosing the Right Office Design to Enhance Employee Productivity

    Choosing the Right Office Design to Enhance Employee Productivity

    When it comes to the interior design of a workspace, employers have an opportunity to enhance productivity and improve employee morale. Here’s what employers should know when it comes to office design and remodeling ideas to improve the workplace. Can Layout Improve Productivity? Studies have shown that employee productivity can be affected by an office’s […]

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  • A Walk Through the Commercial Construction Process

    A Walk Through the Commercial Construction Process

    When it comes to commercial construction or renovation, no project is ever going to be exactly the same as another. Even if two projects are identical on paper, different complications arise along the way. However, there are certain general steps in the process that stay relatively static. If you are going to be involved in […]

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  • Tailoring Office Renovation to Match Company Culture

    More and more companies are carrying out office renovations based on open workspace designs. According to a study by the International Facilities Management Association, 70 percent of American workers go to offices with open floor plans. But do these floor plans actually create a more productive work environment, or are they simply the latest trend […]

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