Add Curb Appeal to Your Commercial Space

Whatever your business, greater curb appeal adds perceived value and professionalism to what you do. An inviting first impression attracts more customers, clients, associates, and potential business partners. It also boosts morale among co-workers and employees. An experienced commercial contractor can offer pointers and make modifications to increase your business’ curb appeal.

Make an Impression

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Figure out what impression you want to make on customers and employees, then brainstorm the design features needed for the right impact. Consider new paint colors that exude both vibrancy and sophistication for the exterior of your building. If the front of the building is flat, add three-dimensional elements such as canopies, awnings, or decorative window rails. Stone or brick facing can make a big impression and significantly add curb appeal. Add details to incorporate branding into any commercial remodel.

Improve Landscaping

Adding plants and trees is a simple way to create an inviting entrance. People are drawn to nature, and the right blend of landscaping features brings attention to your commercial property. A mix of flowers, grassy areas, attractive planters, and a variety of trees can instantly improve the look and feel of any business.

Focus on Pathways

Too many steps or uneven walking surfaces can turn people away. A commercial contractor can design accessible pathways to make it easier and more enjoyable to enter your business. Curved, meandering pathways add to the aesthetics of the front entrance.

Consider Outside Seating Areas

Benches, tables with umbrellas, patio chairs, and even rocking chairs add a level of comfort and approachability to any business. When integrated with the surrounding landscaping, these seating areas create an inviting space for informal meetings. Employees and colleagues can take rejuvenating breaks here, then return to work with renewed vigor.

Add Artistic Features

Water features, such as fountains and waterfalls, add an artistic flair while offering multi-sensory stress relief. Sculptures and bridges also improve the aesthetics of a business. These features greatly increase curb appeal while immersing visitors in a serene, attractive outdoor space.

Before embarking on commercial renovations, consult with the design experts at MLM Incorporated for professional advice. We’ve been rated the top commercial and residential contractors in New Orleans. Our testimonials attest to the quality of our work. Let us help you turn your design dreams into reality, and contact us today at 504-322-7050 for an estimate from one of our commercial contractors.

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