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  • 5 Unique Color Schemes To Make Your Home Stand Out

    5 Unique Color Schemes To Make Your Home Stand Out

    Whether you’re looking to sell, or simply want to do a home makeover, new paint can go a long way. You can add curb appeal to your house by using a beautiful and cohesive color scheme. Why? Unique exterior paint colors catch the eye, drawing attention to the most attractive homes on the block. Here […]

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  • An outdoor patio space.

    How Outdoor Living Spaces Can Transform Your Home

    In 2020, most of the world headed inside for extended periods of time. For many of us with busy lives outside of the house, this was a wake-up call. Many people realized they needed more out of their homes. They needed more space, utilized in a better way. Designing outdoor living spaces for responsible gatherings became a priority. Now […]

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  • 13 Tiny Bathroom Ideas For A Gorgeous Space On A Budget

    13 Tiny Bathroom Ideas For A Gorgeous Space On A Budget

    If you want to add value to your home and pack a punch on a budget, remodeling the tiny bathroom in your house can help. Remodeling a tiny bathroom offers one of the highest returns on your investment in terms of interior projects, and it can be done quickly, with little fuss and minimal interruption […]

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  • Storm Prevention and Restoration Ideas for New Orleans Homes

    Use these professional prevention and restoration tips in case of flooding. Every home located in a coastal flood zone is vulnerable to water damage from heavy rains, or worse, a devastating storm during hurricane season, which officially started on June 1 and lasts until November 30. When disaster hits, it’s important to keep in mind […]

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  • How To Remodel A Room: Walls, Floors, And More

    How To Remodel A Room: Walls, Floors, And More

    At MLM Incorporated, we get tons of questions about how to remodel a room. Where do you start? What is the best way to think about renovations to walls, floors, and more? How can you bring all of your ideas together, and what should you avoid? While remodeling can bring up many questions, we’ve got […]

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  • Construction and Renovation Financing

    While spending a lot of time at home, you’re now looking to transform it into something super-exciting, and all you need at the moment is financing for your renovation. Though you can finance your house purchase by a mortgage, getting finances for major renovation or refurbishment is trickier. You can finance smaller remodeling projects with […]

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  • Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends in 2021

    Are you contemplating an upgrade for your kitchen and bathroom? Curious about the latest kitchen and bathroom design trends? These rooms are two of the hardest-working rooms in your home. They have to be functional and stylish – at the same time. However, upgrading these spaces in your home can be a hefty investment of […]

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  • Your Kitchen Remodel: Everything You Need to Know

    It’s the room in your house where everyone gathers. The room that provides comfort, conversation, and a place to unwind. The kitchen is the heart of most homes, but there comes a time in the life of most kitchens when a refresh or total makeover is in order. Whether you are looking for a project […]

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  • Things to Negotiate when Remodeling a Kitchen

    When it comes to deciding on which remodel to spend on, remodeling a kitchen can often top the list. In ‘How does kitchen remodeling impact a home’s value?’ we explained how kitchen upgrades like countertops, ventilation, and cooling can increase your home’s appeal when it comes to prospective buyers. However, remodeling a kitchen can be an incredibly […]

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  • Questions to Ask A General Contractor

    15 Questions to Ask A General Contractor Before Hiring

    Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or undertaking a renovation, you’ll make a lot of complex and critical decisions along the way. Your home building or renovation process all begins with choosing the right construction company, though. Having the right team on your side can make all the difference. Luckily, there […]

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