13 Tiny Bathroom Ideas For A Gorgeous Space On A Budget

13 Tiny Bathroom Ideas For A Gorgeous Space On A Budget

If you want to add value to your home and pack a punch on a budget, remodeling the tiny bathroom in your house can help. Remodeling a tiny bathroom offers one of the highest returns on your investment in terms of interior projects, and it can be done quickly, with little fuss and minimal interruption to your life. We go over general design principles and then 13 tiny bathroom ideas for a gorgeous space on a budget.

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How Do You Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

The smallest bathrooms are usually about 15 square feet. There are some general design and decorating principles to make your small bathroom feel larger. They are similar to many of the principles applied to renovating a small kitchen.

In general, you can make a small bathroom look bigger if you:

  • Stick to lighter colors and similar materials for your tiny bathroom to reduce choppy visual lines
  • Consider adding features that are double duty (i.e., a mirror or a seat that is also storage)
  • Be precise in your layout to maximize space
  • Keep decorations and tchotchkes to a minimum
  • Use natural and artificial light to your advantage

With care, consideration, and a few adjustments, your tiny bathroom can feel spacious and open.

How much space do you need between a shower and a toilet? 

If you are fully renovating your tiny bathroom, you must meet certain code requirements. Plan for a minimum of 21 inches in front of the lavatory, toilet, bidet, and tub. Additionally, you must have at least 24 inches of space in front of the entry to the shower. If you have house guests that use a wheelchair or other assistive device, ensure you have 36 inches at the very least.

For minor remodels (e.g., replacing a vanity or upgrading shower fixtures), check with your local codes to make sure there are no specific requirements.

4 Tiny Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

Looking for tiny bathroom ideas on a budget, especially things you can do on your own? Here are our favorite ideas to try.

1. Use what’s already there

The number one rule of remodeling a tiny bathroom on a budget is to make do with what’s already there. Try to get creative with the existing design.

Have a window? Use the ledge to place some decorative plants or bath products. Is there absolutely no way to change the layout? Use lighter colored paint such as bright whites and neutral blues or grays to make the room appear larger. This instantly gives the feeling of a full renovation to any small bathroom and makes it feel less cramped.

If there’s a mirrored medicine cabinet above a storage-killing pedestal sink, put a small shelf between it and the mirror to add just a bit more storage.

2. Let Colors Blend

Too much contrast between colors chops your space up into even smaller bits. Go with lighter colors overall, and consider painting trim the same color as the walls. If you really crave some kind of contrast, consider using the same color in a different finish (i.e., flat paint on the walls and semi-gloss on trim).

Love color? Dark colors on the wall and a light color on the ceiling draw the eye up. This simple effect can make a small bathroom feel cozy and open at the same time. Bathroom design trends of 2021 are seeing more and more wallpaper coming into small spaces – don’t be afraid to pick a subtle pattern you love and go for it.

3. Improve natural light

Got a window that’s painted shut, dirty, or otherwise just not letting the sunshine in? Consider replacing an old window (great for energy efficiency, too!), getting down and dirty to make the existing one sparklingly clean, or removing old dusty blinds for more natural light.

4. Add a bigger mirror

Large mirrors reflect light and trick the eye into thinking the space is much larger than it is. To replace your mirror on a budget, head to thrift stores or other architectural salvage stores to see what’s available. Keep in mind that frameless mirrors make the space look even bigger, too.

4 Tiny Bathroom Ideas For Half Bathrooms

Half baths don’t require as much storage (no towels for showers or other linens), but they still need some creative design. These small ½ bath ideas capitalize on what’s there to make the most of your space.

1. Find space-saving accessories

If you are looking for a place to store toilet paper, consider a holder that loops over your toilet tank. This type of space-saving accessory reduces the need for extra storage that can make a half-bath feel smaller.

2. Get creative with storage

Likewise, use objects that aren’t common for bathroom storage. For example, wooden or metal crates can be secured to the wall to provide not only an aesthetic quality but also great product or towel storage. A kitchen utensil holder or large vase could hold combs and brushes. Think differently about storage, and you’ll be surprised at what objects will work well in the bathroom to provide both functional storage and unique style.

3. Upgrade your lighting

Small powder rooms can feel dark and cramped. Upgrade with a high-quality light fixture that mimics sunlight.

4. Add hanging storage

Less square footage means you’ll need to look elsewhere for storage. Hanging baskets are great for increasing a bathroom’s square footage without changing the footprint.

5 Small Bathroom Ideas With A Shower

Looking for small bathroom ideas with a shower? Here are five to try.

1. Add storage above the toilet

Affordable racks and small cabinets that are pre-made to go over and behind toilets can be purchased at most home retailers. A small shelving unit or trendy floating shelves above the toilet also makes for ample towel storage when remodeling a small bathroom with a shower.

2. Consider a frameless shower

Frameless showers may not exactly be cheap, but they can give a tiny bathroom the luxe feel of a glamorous spa. Glass allows natural light to flow through the bathroom, making it look – and feel – larger.

3. Put your shower in a corner

Corner showers, especially frameless ones, seem to melt into the walls and save tons of space.

4. Consider custom cabinets

Custom cabinets may not be the cheapest option, but when it comes to saving space, professionals know how to make it happen. Think about installing custom cabinets above the toilet or higher up on the wall.

If there is space behind the door or beside the toilet, you can create a narrower tower of cabinets up to the ceiling. Cabinets can also be custom fitted into corners of tight spaces in the bathroom.

5. Use floating shelves

Custom cabinets not in the budget? Floating shelves are a great storage solution for small bathrooms. Blend the color of the shelves into the wall for even more visual appeal.

How To Plan For Bigger Bathroom Remodels

Ready for a bigger bathroom remodel? This might mean completely changing up your tiny bathroom layout or even carving out more space from another room in the house.

Ready for a bigger bathroom remodel? This might mean completely changing up your tiny bathroom layout or even carving out more space from another room in the house.

When it comes to remodeling projects inside the house, bathroom renovations offer one of the biggest returns on your investment. In Remodeling’s 2020 cost vs. value report, bathroom renovations offered an average of 64% return on your investment. The only indoor improvement that offered more was a midrange kitchen remodel (just under 78%).

Whether you are planning on selling in the next few years or staying in your home for a lifetime, remodeling your tiny bathroom so that it’s more spacious and accommodating is a great idea.

For historic home renovations, it’s also crucial to honor the history and design of the house while bringing it into the 21st century. This might mean larger upgrades behind the walls or limits to where certain fixtures can be placed. If you live in a historic district, there may also be rules governing what you can and cannot do and paperwork and permits to approve the design.

We Can Help At MLM Incorporated

MLM Incorporated has decades of experience working in the Gulf South on homes both historic and modern. Our goal is to give you the gorgeous remodel you’re looking for.

We start our bathroom renovations with a consultation to see what your goals are and to set a budget. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, we have plenty of tiny bathroom ideas from past clients and can help design a space that perfectly suits the needs of you and your family.

MLM Incorporated takes care of all of the permitting and paperwork and will schedule work around your schedule. We want the process to be smooth, with as little disruption to your life as possible.

Whether you are just starting to gather tiny bathroom ideas or are ready to jump into your bathroom renovation in New Orleans, get in touch with MLM Incorporated for more information about our process!

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