Choose the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel

With so many great options available, the task of choosing appliances to go with a kitchen remodel can feel overwhelming. Relax and focus on what’s important, like increased functionality, to take the stress out of the process. After all, creating a dream kitchen should be an exciting, positive experience.

Decide on Appliance Styles

Photo of a remodeled kitchen

Start considering major decisions before the actual remodeling begins. In general, homeowners can expect to allot around 8 percent of the total budget to big appliances like the oven and refrigerator, so deciding on these elements early on is a major accomplishment. In particular, consider and decide on the following components:

  • Refrigerator style: Which fits the new kitchen better? Top-freezer models are generally less expensive, while those with water and ice dispensers may require more repairs later down the line to maintain.
  • Gas or electric stove: While gas burners cook food faster, electric tops are easier to clean.
  • Ventilation hood: Sometimes overlooked, this is an essential element to clear out heat, steam, and odors effectively. It’s best to coordinate with the style of the cooktop.
  • Microwave oven: Select a model that’s the right size and provides enough cooking power for your family’s needs; a higher wattage will give you more versatility.

Figure Out the Finish

Another major aspect of appliance shopping is choosing the finish. According to a 2016 survey from Houzz, 76 percent of homeowners still prefer stainless steel, with white coming in second at 10 percent. That means that stainless steel is not only a sleek and versatile selection, but it could also help if you plan to sell the home later.

Consult With Design Specialists

You don’t have to make decisions completely on your own. Home renovation specialists are available to offer guidance. Designers can offer kitchen remodel suggestions that take into account the big picture design plan, presenting appliance models that blend style with energy efficiency.

At MLM Incorporated, we specialize in every facet of the kitchen remodel process, and we’re happy to consult regarding appliances, finishes, colors, and more. Contact us today by phone at 504-322-7050 for a quote or browse our online gallery for inspiration on your next project.

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