Cultivate Your Brand Experience in Your Retail Design

Retailers with brick-and-mortar stores know that the impression their retail space makes can stay with a customer forever. A retail space can be used to cultivate a brand image that makes a positive impression on shoppers. Here are three innovative ways to help your brand stand out in your retail design.

Curate a Distinct Brand Personality

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Shoppers have an endless number of brands and products to choose from, so they’re more selective than ever about the brands they choose. Modern consumers want more than just quality products and competitive prices. They want the brands they support to make a statement about their lifestyle and how they want to be seen. Millennials, in particular, are very brand-conscious, and they tend to remain loyal to those brands. In fact, reporting from Inc. found that Millennials are the most brand-loyal generation, with 50.5 percent saying they are quite or extremely loyal to particular brands. To help win over this demographic, the entire retail space—from the advertising and messaging to in-store design and packaging—should portray a consistent personality and tone.

Turn Shopping Into an Experience

Unlike 20 years ago, shoppers no longer have to leave the house to buy their favorite products. That’s why it’s more important than ever to offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that will turn first-time shoppers into loyal brand advocates. One creative method utilized by the retailer Story is to regularly create a new shopping experience to keep buyers coming back again and again. The store showcases different brands, products, and trends using a different theme every few months.

Design With the Customer in Mind

Instead of designing the store with merchandise in mind, successful retailers are designing their space with the customer in mind. Customers don’t want to deal with crowded spaces jam-packed with products. The Warby Parker eyeglasses company got it right: their mirrored layout showcases the same products on the left and right side of the store, giving customers space to comfortably try on frames even on crowded days. That approach won’t work for most companies, who simply can’t afford the space. But Warby Parker thought outside the box to improve the customer’s shopping experience, and that’s something every retailer should be doing.

Designing Your Retail Space

Thinking outside the box doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone. The builders and designers at MLM Incorporated have helped retailers across Louisiana create innovative retail and commercial spaces that draw customers in and cultivate a brand image that keeps them coming back. View our past projects, then call us at 504-322-7050 to learn how we can help make your retail space shine!

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