Energy-Efficient Home Improvements That Will Save You Money

As energy costs rise, what better time than now to consider making energy-efficient home improvements around the house? Furthermore, you will kill two birds with one stone by making energy-efficient home improvements. You’ll be able to save a significant amount of money in the long run, thus allowing you to possibly purchase one of the luxury homes in Louisiana in the future. Still, you will also be helping our planet. And help it desperately needs! We thought we would compile a list of cost-effective green renovation projects. If you have no idea where to start, MLM Construction will give you a clue!

Energy-Efficient Home Improvements That Save Money and the Earth

Some of the improvements MLM Inc will present you with require an upfront investment. However, despite the initial cost, they prove affordable down the line. On the other hand, specific improvements require little money to be spent or none at all! Furthermore, while professional help from custom home builders in New Orleans is needed when it comes to certain upgrades – home additions in Louisiana – being one of them, that isn’t to say your whole family won’t be able to do something. You’ll be able to dictate what the home will look like and what it will include! After all, you are the ones that plan to enjoy the space together, so how about you also be the ones that decide what improvements to make?

Replacing the Old Bulbs

Surprisingly enough, some households haven’t yet begun using LED bulbs. Or, at the very least, they aren’t using them to their total capacity, meaning that not every single bulb in a home is energy-efficient. And what a difference replacing even a single old bulb with its LED variant makes! On average, a single household that makes such a switch is looking at reducing its carbon emission by 40kg a year. Furthermore, seeing how lighting is to blame for 10% of the electricity bill, savings can prove to be substantial.

Caption: Opt for LED bulbs rather than regular ones.
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Installing Smart Thermostats

In the last couple of years, smart homes have been gaining popularity, and along with them, so have intelligent thermostats. And that isn’t without reason! They are true game changers when it comes to controlling energy expenditure. As such, naturally, they help keep bills low. If you decide to equip your home with smart thermostats, you’ll be able to remotely control in-room temperature, a handy feature for luxury homes in New Orleans. One thermostat can save you up to $200 per year, which means the more you have, the more money you can spare.

Caption: They aren’t costly to install, yet, smart thermostats are considered one of the energy-efficient home improvements.
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Sealing/Replacing Windows and Doors

As far as energy-efficient home improvements go, replacing windows and doors, or at the very least, sealing them, is one of the best. By sealing the windows and doors, you remove drafts from the equation, making the space easier to heat up and better at retaining heat. That, in turn, prevents you from using more energy than needed. However, in some instances, sealing is simply not enough.

If you are in a position where, for your renovation to be a success, you need to replace your doors and windows, know that several options are available. Which one you choose depends on your personal preferences and available funds. In terms of frames, popular choices happen to be PVC, which is also cheaper, and hardwood, which is the most expensive. Furthermore, double glazing is a must. Thanks to it, you could save around $200 a year. Not to mention that your carbon emission could be about 330kg lower annually.

Utilizing Ceiling Fans

You were wrong if you thought ceiling fans were merely an aesthetic addition. They are handy because circulating air around your house allows it to cool during the hot months. The costs of running a ceiling fan cannot compare to running an A/C, thus making them a cost-effective alternative. That should make particularly happy those living in areas that don’t get scorching hot in summer.

Caption: Ceiling fans can replace an A/C unit and, thus, save you money.
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Putting a Stop to ‘’Phantom Power’’

What exactly is ”phantom power”? Well, you know how many of us have the habit of leaving devices plugged in even when we aren’t using them? Many individuals also tend to leave their chargers in the outlet despite not charging their phones. Now, despite your thinking that devices aren’t using electricity as long as they are ”off,” that is far from true. In reality, 10% of our electric bill goes to ”phantom power,” which is the electricity consumed by other plugged-in devices and cords. With that in mind, should you wish to make one of the free yet no-less energy-efficient home improvements, we recommend you unplug appliances whenever not in use. Talk about a simple way to save money!

Alternatively, instead of plugging out the devices to reduce energy expenditure, it’s also possible to invest in smart outlets. With them, it’s possible to control how much power every one of these draws and put a limit to it if and when needed. Smart outlets have the potential of saving you up to $400 on a year-to-year basis, which, combined with the above improvements, can quickly add up.

Going Solar

Solar panels fit the bill when discussing the most energy-efficient home improvements to add to your new construction Lafayette, LA property. Yes, they are incredibly costly to install and will take some time to pay off themselves. On another note, looking at it long term, the effects they will have on your wallet and the environment are incredible. Reports suggest an average household can save up to around $1000 on electricity costs once they’ve gone off the grid. Furthermore, when we add that that same household would reduce its carbon emissions by approximately 680kg a year, the initial investment proves worth it!

 Meta: By making energy-efficient home improvements, not only will you make our planet a better place, but you will also save money.

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