Find the Right Furniture to Complement Your Home

Furnishing your home can be great fun when done properly. Keep the following in mind to turn the art of home furnishing into your own personal success story, fun included.

Measure the Rooms

Bringing home a piece of furniture that physically doesn’t fit in the room it was intended for is disappointing, to say the least. Angling it or moving it elsewhere may work, but this is not the ideal solution. To avoid making this mistake, use a tape measure to size each room. Write down the measurements and bring them along on each shopping trip for new furniture. This way, you’ll bring home pieces that fit correctly every time.

Take PicturesImage of a living room which has been well furnished according to MLM Incorporated in New Orleans, LA

Another useful thing to bring is a set of photos showing the home’s interior. Load up your phone with images of each room from angles that show different light configurations. When considering any home furnishing piece, check the pictures to make sure it will harmonize with room colors and styles. For further inspiration, check out the MLM photo gallery for ideas on how to capture each room of the home.

Think Like a Designer

Interior designers always consider the space they’re working with before selecting home furnishings. They go with a theme, making sure that hues, shapes, sizes, fabrics, and designs work well together. Some of the best designers think outside of the box. When it’s warranted, they arrange furniture in the middle of the room instead of flush against walls. They play with using different colors, tying everything together with decorative pillows, throw rugs, and cool light fixtures. It’s often helpful to create an inspiration board to nail down the right style before making any purchases.

Closely Inspect Each Item

Before making final choices, carefully inspect each item. Check that the construction is solid. What about the finish—is it clean and smooth, or rough and full of scratches? Also, inspect the quality of the fabric on sofas, chairs, and other pieces. Is everything in new condition, or are there stains or snags? Finally, check for comfort. Even the most beautiful furniture won’t do if the family won’t be comfortable.

With these tips in mind, any room in the house can look like it came straight from the pages of a design magazine.

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