Four Questions to Ask Before Building a Home Addition

Building a home addition can be a smart decision for those who love their location but simply need more living space. Before embarking on this major home renovation, though, here are four questions homeowners should ask themselves.

1. What Are Your Priorities?

To answer this question, homeowners should design their ideal home from scratch without considering existing parameters. This exercise can help determine whether these goals can be met through a home addition or renovation, or whether moving to a new home would make more practical and financial sense.

2. Will an Addition Add Value?

Even those who aren’t planning to sell should be aware of the typical return on investment for home addition projects. The most valuable home add-on is a two-story addition with family room and master suite, followed by a master suite only, bathroom only, and sunroom.

3. Are There Zoning Rules to Consider?

Before embarking too far in the planning process, it’s important to understand how local building codes will affect the planned home addition. Many municipalities have laws about how close homeowners can build to the edge of their property, how high buildings can be in a residential area, and even rules about proximity to protected areas such as wetlands.

4. Does the Addition Fit the Neighborhood?

In most cases, it doesn’t make financial sense to improve a home far beyond the parameters of the neighborhood. That means a large addition on a small starter home might not be a great investment for those who plan to sell later. In areas with larger and custom homes, there tends to be more leeway on size and style when it comes to additions.

Hiring an experienced residential contractor will help homeowners illuminate the answers to these questions. With expert guidance, home additions can enhance usable living space and quality of life. Learn more about our seamless home renovation process at MLM Incorporated.

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