How Does a Smart Home Work?

Smart homes are no longer far-fetched visions of the future. They’re here, and they’re more accessible than ever. While the uber-wealthy may use smart technology to transform their homes into futuristic dwellings, families on a budget can use smart home technology to make their daily lives easier.

The Rise of Home Automation

A Google Home and phone connected to it

Home automation products have come and gone over the years, starting with the ECHO IV in the 1960s. This system was capable of basic tasks like operating the thermostat and turning on appliances. In the 1970s, the X10 system used electrical wires to send signals to connected devices, like lights and appliances. Home automation technology has improved greatly thanks to the ubiquitous presence of smartphones and tablets. Today’s devices are almost always online, making them perfectly suited for controlling an ever-expanding network of products within the home.

Automation and Smart Home Technology

Many people already use automation technology, like sprinkler systems on a schedule. In order to be considered smart technology, these systems must be capable of being remotely programmed and monitored. To do this, they must be connected to one central network and have the ability to communicate with other connected devices. Virtually any electrical device in the home can be replaced with one capable of joining the network to be controlled via voice, smartphone, etc.

What Can Smart Homes Do?

Smart homes can do nearly anything with the right upgrades. Bill Gates’ home tracks inhabitants via the microchip to understand their habits and preferences to automatically turn on lights, play their favorite songs, and more. For homeowners with a realistic budget, this might mean remote-controlled light bulbs, security systems with remote-access cameras, smart locks that can be controlled from anywhere, and refrigerators that can help with meal planning based on the food inside. Smart products don’t just offer the allure of convenience; they also promote sustainability, money savings, and increased security and safety.

Outfit Your Home With Smart Technology

With all the benefits smart homes offer, you might think it would be difficult to upgrade yours. It’s actually quite easy, especially with financing available. MLM Incorporated has helped countless homeowners convert to smart technology, and we can incorporate it into your residential renovation or new construction project. Call MLM Incorporated today at 504-322-7050 for a quote on residential services.

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