How to Choose an Exterior Color Palette for Your Home

New Orleans is known for its colorful personality, which means there’s always a variety of colors and tones in its local architecture. For those in the area, residential remodeling projects can modernize a home, personalize it to an owner’s taste, and even increase its value. Choosing an exterior color palette is an important first step, and this is how to get started.

Identify Permanent Fixtures

The first step to choosing an exterior color palette is actually to determine what colors can’t be changed. If the exterior of a home is in brick, for example, it’s not likely that color will be altered. Therefore, it’s vital to plan around the limitations and permanent fixtures of a residential remodel. This makes it easy to avoid choosing a color palette only to realize it clashes with the unchangeable tones of a home.

Consider the Architecture

New Orleans is known for its architectural styles, and this plays an important role in color choices. Although the city has a unique architectural history, there are many subsets of the architecture that lend themselves to different colors. For example, local shotgun-style homes may take to vibrant, bright colors that the historic Uptown homes may not. Many paint manufacturers have collections of palettes that are historically accurate for historic renovations, which can be a good stepping-off point to choose the right match.

Create a Trio of Colors

exterior color palate of residential buildingsEven for those who find the perfect color for their home, one color is generally not enough. It’s conventional to choose three colors for a home remodel. These colors are a field color, which will be the majority of the surface area; the accent color, to bring outdoors, shutters, and windows; and a trim color, which is for door or window edges, railings, and other trimmings. Some homeowners will choose a monochromatic trio, comprised of three different tones of the same color. Others opt for a bold accent color, but it’s important to keep in mind the age-old color wheel to find complementary tones that work well together.

Give It A Test Run

Paint chips may often appear slightly different than the finished product. To avoid being surprised by the outcome, purchase a small amount of sample paint, and paint a discreet patch of the home to test it. Notice how it appears at different times of day to ensure that it’s the right choice before painting the entire house.

Choosing the right color for a residential remodel is the first step to making a house feel like home. If you’re looking to get started with a remodel or new construction project, contact MLM Incorporated today for a quote.

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