How to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade Show booth image - MLM IncorporatedA trade show exhibit is a remarkable tool to generate and increase business. “You get so much done in two days that you could not imagine getting done in six months or a year,” says Asif Kahn, founder and CEO of a healthcare technology company. Below are some great tips to help you make the most of your trade show exhibit.

Eye-catching Displays

At a trade show, you’re asking for business, and your display is your brand. “A simple, bright, eye-catching booth is important,” says Romy Taormina, CEO and co-founder an acupressure wristband company. Don’t overload your display with stuff. The colors, materials, layout, and lighting of your booth can influence potential clients without them even realizing it. Thus, a simple, streamlined display can often attract visitors away from the hustle and bustle of an overwhelming trade show.

Inviting Booths

A common trade show mistake is overcrowding a booth with displays and inventory. For example, if you’re promoting retail store construction, it can be tempting to pack a booth with models or images of all of your retail store renovation projects. However, Amy Wenslow, CEO of Products to Profits, a consultancy in Pasadena, CA cautions, “You have to leave enough space for people to engage with you . . . Sometimes people have been on their feet all day and just want to sit down.” Invite people in by keeping keep tables and chairs away from the front of your display. Position large tables against the back or side walls of your booth, and if you need seating in the front, opt for bar-height furniture. An inviting booth with ample space can convince potential clients to relax and stay around to chat for longer.

Video Presentations

A video or demo can be a splendid way to showcase your product. For example, if you’ve decided to promote your office remodeling capabilities with a “before” and “after” video, keep it brief, laser-focused on your message, and no more than three minutes, max. Bolster it with a sales pitch of energy and conviction. A great video or demo means little if it doesn’t appeal to the customer’s needs.

While other aspects of trade shows, such as networking or research, are certainly important, your booth is undoubtedly the core of your trade show experience. Whether you’re in the business of automobile sales, retail store renovation, or healthcare technology, putting together the best trade show booth possible is certain to help your company succeed.

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