How to Put the Bonus Back in a Home’s Bonus Space

Bonus rooms are spaces in a house without a clearly assigned purpose. It may be a small space on the bedroom level that lacks a closet, a large loft over the garage, or a low-ceiling attic space. Despite their positive name, they often end up as cluttered catchall areas. But there’s a better way to use these rooms! Take inspiration from some of the suggestions below.

home theater room

First, Pick a Purpose

No one would begin a home remodel without a well-defined plan. The same should go for transforming a bonus room. Decide what the room should become before bringing in new furniture and picking out the wall color.

Game Rooms

Take advantage of an awkward space by bringing in some fun. A game room can be the perfect place for an old foosball table or decorative chess set that would otherwise be moldering away in storage. Use the room’s existing structure to create a cozy puzzle nook or add an adult spin by having a bar constructed so players can whet their whistles between rounds.

Family Rooms

Enjoy a living room that can actually be lived in by the whole family. Use comfortable furniture, children’s artwork, and vacation souvenirs to craft a room that reflects the family while the living room stays pristine for visitors.

Craft Rooms

Speaking of crafts, the bonus room can house sewing tables, scrapbooking supplies, fabric, paint, and more in a mini-Martha Stewart mecca. The room may require some remodeling to provide the functional storage crafting requires, but it will keep the dining room table clear the next time the sewing bug bites.

Though the possibilities seem endless, don’t forget that local building requirements for ceiling height, ventilation, and fire safety exits may narrow down the options for a home remodel project.

Whether it just involves moving furniture or requires some new construction, putting the bonus room to work is a great way to add value and functionality to a home.

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