Incorporating Branding Into a Commercial Remodel

Humans make countless instantaneous, subconscious judgments when they encounter a business, and first impressions can be crucial. Adding elements of branding to a commercial remodel can positively influence these judgments by communicating the business’ values and inspiring trust in clients and employees alike.

Consider an Open Floor Plan

Current culture places a lot of importance on values like transparency and collaboration. An open floor plan is a perfect way to communicate that those values are part of the company’s brand. An office space without cubicles can enhance communication and visually imply that the barriers between employees and clients have been broken down. In a retail space, an open floor plan allows customers to see what employees are doing at all times, which may lead to a sense of transparency and trust. Of course, this may not work for all companies—a bank, for example, may prefer the sense of privacy that traditional cubicles convey. The most important thing is to analyze what the floor plan says about the company and make sure that message is on-brand.

Balance Logo Use

Photo of Michael Kores Store Front

Incorporating logos into office design is a great way to use branding, but it’s important to find the middle ground between being too subtle and becoming overbearing. Although clients should be able to see several instances of a logo, printing it on every surface during a commercial remodel may add too much pressure and decrease a company’s trustworthiness. A brand should appear often enough to be in the back of a client’s mind, but not so much that they are overwhelmed by its presence.

Don’t Forget Employee Spaces

While branding is clearly important in customer-facing spaces, it can have positive effects in employee-only spaces, as well. It’s all about tailoring the office to match the company culture. Including graphics or colors associated with a brand can increase employees’ pride for their company, much like a mascot for a sports team. Similarly, posting brand values in areas like the break room can remind employees that the organization’s ideals align with their own, and help them to feel included in the business’ overall vision.

Incorporating branding into a commercial remodel doesn’t have to stop here. The professionals at MLM Incorporated will be happy to provide insights shaped by a passion for innovative designs and quality craftsmanship.

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