Increase Curb Appeal With These Three Plants

hibiscus-rosa-sinensis-1105423_1920Landscaping in the South can be difficult to maintain unless the right plants are chosen for the design. At MLM Incorporated, the renovation and construction experts believe that the right plants can make or break the appearance of a building in New Orleans. Here are a few of the best options for the area that enhance curb appeal and make a bold statement.


Hibiscus flowers offer bright, colorful blooms throughout the year, breaking up the often-monochrome green of many native New Orleans landscapes. These shrubs bloom most actively in the summer, but the flowers can last well into the fall. As tropical plants, hibiscus will thrive in the warmth and humidity of the summer without showing signs of wilting or disease. When installing these plants, look for areas with full sun and prune the shrub as needed to maintain the shape and overall look.

Crested Iris

Known for its purple blooms, the crested iris is swiftly becoming a favorite in flowerbeds across the city. Irises grow best in well-draining soil, but require the high humidity and moisture levels typical of the South. While their blooms only last through the first part of the summer, their green leaves and stalks retain their color throughout the year. Though these plants do best when started in the spring, they will provide optimal color when added after a building’s renovations are complete.


Another flowering shrub, clerodendrums produce vibrant flowers ranging from white to vibrant red in color. These shrubs are tolerant to the high summer temperatures in New Orleans and thrive in high humidity without fear of wilting or root rot. Since these plants do well in partial shade, they can be planted along the front of buildings and near shaded trees.

Plants must be able to thrive in warm temperatures and high humidity levels in New Orleans. Incorporating landscaping into a building’s renovation or remodeling will ensure that the exterior looks great year-round.

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