Insider Tricks for Making a Historic Home Look Modern

historic renovation new orleans - MLM IncorporatedMany people appreciate the charm of older homes. Although these houses are often full of character, it might be time for a historic remodeling project that will transform a residence so it has a newer look.

Break Down the Walls

Older homes tend to be comprised of numerous small rooms that make up the entire space. These floor plans instantly date a house. To transform a structure and give it a new look, eliminate interior walls. This project involves getting rid of the separate kitchen, dining room, and living room floor plan and replacing it with a great, trendy room that brings the whole family together.

Reveal Original Materials

It’s common for remodeling projects over the years to gradually cover up all of the original materials that made a vintage house special. To revive an older residence, consider pulling out carpet and paneling to see what lies underneath and behind. Chances are, a homeowner might find beautiful hardwoods hiding under these surfaces. Even if high-quality materials aren’t waiting to be exposed, it’s still possible to install lovely hardwoods or tile to beautify the structure.

Add Some Paint

It’s always amazing what a coat of paint can do to a room. Add color to cabinets, ceilings, and walls to freshen up a lackluster space. Modern looks focus on being light and bright, so stay away from heavy and neutral colors. Paint is also inexpensive, making a historic remodeling project even more affordable.

Illuminate the Space

Shedding a little light on the subject is frequently an effective way to make over an interior space. Older homes often appear dark and foreboding, simply because they lack effective lighting. Get rid of the old and ornate fixtures, and update them with bright fixtures in clean and modern styles.

Get a historic remodeling project underway today to breathe fresh life into an older house. With updates such as a new floor plan, fixtures, and colors, it’s possible to modernize a classic home.

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