Kitchen Cabinet Considerations for Your Remodel

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets is a key aspect of any successful kitchen renovation. Use these guidelines from design pros to choose the best cabinets for the space and build a kitchen that can truly be the heart of the home.

Material and Finish

The finish is largely a matter of personal preference, though dark shades should be reserved for large, open kitchens to avoid feeling cramped or overbearing. For painted cabinets, avoid particleboard and melamine in favor of plywood, which is prized for its durability, longevity, and the fact that it doesn’t require chemical coatings that can reduce air quality. To create a traditional look, try stained cherry or mahogany—or give the kitchen a modern twist with bamboo. For those looking for a rustic look, try stained walnut or hickory.


With so many modern choices, homeowners can select kitchen cabinets that work with the way they cook, eat, and entertain. Consider specialized options like corner drawers, track cabinets that slide on a ball bearing, pocket doors, flip-up doors, sliding doors, and even custom shapes and sizes. A design professional can advise on the best cabinet plan for the kitchen remodel square footage and floor plan.

Framed vs. Frameless

Traditional framed cabinet doors are ideal for homes with a classic aesthetic. These typically have a 1.5-inch frame onto which the door hinges. For a more modern look, consider cabinets with a hidden frame on which the door is hinged inside the box. Creative homeowners can even go beyond these two choices and consider glass fronts or open shelving to display attractive items. Explore different cabinet styles to figure out what will work best for your space.


With ergonomic styling and creative use of space, there are more ways to customize kitchen cabinets than ever before. Homeowners can opt for built-in spice racks, large drawers with easy access to pots and pans, drawers for baking sheets and other unwieldy items, and even designated cabinets for trash and recycling.

When it’s time to embark on a kitchen remodel, an experienced home designer can help residents sort through these considerations to come up with a cabinetry plan that fits the family lifestyle. Visit MLM’s online gallery for ideas and inspiration.

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