Neighborhood Spotlight: Exploring the Garden District

Known all over the United States for its stunning historical beauty, the New Orleans Garden District is truly one-of-a-kind. Running from St. Charles Avenue to Magazine Street and from Jackson Avenue to Louisiana Avenue, this beautiful area is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike.

Famous Roots

Used as a setting for many motion pictures such as “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Interview with the Vampire”, the Garden District has gained national recognition. It is also home to many celebrities including Nicholas Cage, Sandra Bullock and Anne Rice. With its unique house design, the homes in the Garden District are Hollywood favorites and some of the most prime real estate in the city.

Garden_District_New_Orleans_(1)Background Information

This well-established neighborhood has been in place since 1832, when it was laid out by Barthelemy Lafron. The beautiful homes here are prime candidates for historic preservation as they showcase some of New Orleans’ diverse background. The Garden District was designed for American residents in New Orleans who did not want to associate with the French residents in the French Quarter. These residents employed architects to build homes of all different styles on large plots of land. These large plots allowed the residents to cultivate lush gardens, which is how the neighborhood got its name.

House Designs

The antebellum homes in the Garden District come in a range of styles such as Italianate, Victorian, and Greek Revival designs. Redoing homes in the Garden District requires an expert in historic remodeling in order to preserve the unique character of these timeless gems.

More Than Homes

While the Garden District is known for its stunning house design, there are also some well-known commercial venues in the heart of the neighborhood such as Commander’s Palace restaurant, a culinary legend in the city. There are places to shop as well as cocktail bars and pubs where residents kick back and catch up with friends. The district is also home to one of the city’s well-preserved cemeteries, Lafayette Cemetery #1, a destination featured in both books and movies. Tours of the district are available each day via bus or by foot.

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