Neighborhood Spotlight: The History & Homes of Uptown

A walk along the grand avenues of Uptown is a nostalgic trip to the past. The pace of life is leisurely, homes exude a special charm, and the streets are lined with fragrant magnolias, majestic oaks, and colorful crape myrtles. It’s an idyllic place where historic remodels are taking elegance to a whole new level.

Boswell Sisters house in Uptown New Orleans
Boswell Sisters house in Uptown New Orleans

A Little History

Many of the beautiful mansions date back to the 19th century. People settled here from all across the United States. Immigrants came from Ireland, Italy, and Germany, among other nations. African-American communities have always been vibrant here. The area experienced a building boom right after the 1884 World’s Industrial & Cotton Centennial Exposition.

The list of famous Uptown residents is extensive, including jazz musicians Louis Armstrong, Harry Connick, Jr., and the Neville Brothers. Other eminent Uptowners include singing sensations the Boswell Sisters, author Anne Rice, inventor A. Baldwin Wood, football players Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, and rappers Soulja Slim and Lil Wayne.

Architectural Styles of Uptown

Starting upriver of the Garden District and continuing on to Broadway Street, the Uptown district encompasses beautiful homes that reflect many attractive architectural styles. Growing numbers of these homes are being meticulously updated through historic remodels.

Raised center-hall cottages were built between 1803 and 1870. These one-and-a-half story homes are raised on brick piers and boast side-gabled roofs and full-width front galleries. Shotgun houses were built between 1850 and 1920 and are generally one-story rectangular buildings raised on brick piers. They have narrow front porches and lacey Victorian trimmings. The double-gallery houses, constructed between 1820 and 1850, are two-story structures with covered galleries framed by columns and usually side-gabled roofs.

Today’s Historic Remodels

There’s no doubt that the appeal of this historic New Orleans community is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the many renovations that are taking place. The area’s original charm is being preserved and heightened by these efforts, bringing Uptown into a new era of prosperity. The renovated homes serve as architectural treasures that awe locals and visitors alike.

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