Pros and Cons of Some of the Most Popular Kitchen Styles

Pros and Cons of Some of the Most Popular Kitchen Styles

When doing your next home renovation, Kitchen Styles remodeling may be on the top of your checklist. Here are some of the pros and cons of some of the most popular kitchen layout designs.

Large and Open

This style of kitchen lends itself to creative types and those needing plenty of space for family gatherings. With an open kitchen, there’s a more modern sense of simplistic styling, and a multitude of design options. If there is no center island, you can put a larger dining table with chairs or a bench. However, the major downside of a large, open kitchen is the lack of workspace that an island, for instance, provides.

Galley Style

The galley style kitchen is a more traditional design found in older or historic homes. The design consists of two walls of cabinets and counters running parallel, side-by-side with each other. This type of layout works well in smaller homes and for those who don’t use the Kitchen Styles often or as a main gathering space. If you have a separate dining room, a galley kitchen may work fine. Although, most home renovations seem to steer away from this design because houses tend to be larger and kitchen-centric these days. The obvious negative side of a galley style kitchen is the lack of workspace and dining options.

Center Island

A kitchen that is anchored by a center island is likely the most popular design when doing Kitchen Styles remodeling. It allows for extra seating if there is a bar on one (or more) sides, and the extra workspace is invaluable. There are also more placement options for the sink and certain appliances when an island is constructed. However, if the island is awkwardly placed or doesn’t have a bar, it may end up causing more chaos than function.

No matter your choice, designing a kitchen can be a fun challenge as long as you know what amenities are necessary and what design best suits your family’s lifestyle.

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