Six Construction Terms to Keep You Informed

It’s vitally important to make informed decisions when undergoing a residential remodel. Without knowing the basic terminology of the process, that’s practically impossible. Here are some commonly used construction terms to get started.

Allowance and Bid

An allowance is the determined dollar amount that a contractor has allocated for specific items in a contract. A bid is the amount of money that a contractor proposes to work for, often taking the allowance into consideration.

Punch List

Punch lists are essentially to-do lists created by contractors for commercial renovations or home renovations. These lists are often compiled toward the end of a project and must be completed by a contractor or corrected if they were done incorrectly.


construction terms wall stud woodMade of wood or metal, studs are vertical structures that play a key role in the infrastructure and integrity of a building. Contractors will often locate these before residential remodels to prevent damage to the structure of a home.


Contractors rarely complete an entire task themselves. Subcontractors are people or companies that the general contractor hires for any highly specialized tasks that must be completed during a residential remodel.

Load-bearing vs. Non-load-bearing Wall

Load-bearing walls are integral to the foundation of the home and provide support for any load built upon it. They are therefore commonly constructed of denser materials such as brick or concrete. Non-load-bearing walls do not provide support to the structure, and can often be removed with no effect on the overall home.

In New Orleans, this often comes into play for renovations to turn double shotguns into one single-family home, or with kitchen remodels to create a more open-concept floor plan. Check out the MLM Incorporated image gallery to see examples of similar projects!

Change Order

Change orders are documented authorizations that a contractor may make if it is necessary to change what was agreed upon in the original contract. They should also describe any changes in overall cost.

Although much of the lingo of residential renovations can be confusing, it is often easy to pick up on after learning the basics. For more information on construction terms or to begin your project, contact MLM Incorporated today for a quote.

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