Six Sophisticated 2017 Kitchen Trends

Remodel_Works_Hughes-1Planning a major kitchen update in 2017? These are the six kitchen trends that industry experts expect to be hot among homeowners this year.

1. Classic Black and White

This kitchen palette is popular because it appeals to fans of two trendy aesthetics: rustic and modern. To get the look, juxtapose sleek white cabinets and appliances with black granite counters and a warm hardwood floor.

2. Customized Storage

Kitchen trends this year emphasize functionality, with more homeowners opting for smart storage that fits their lifestyles. For customers at MLM, popular options including slide-out baking organizers, push-button sliding trash cans, hidden pet food storage, and wine and bar cabinets.

3. Quartz Countertops

While quartz was once considered a luxury item, MLM customers are choosing it more often as composite materials have made it more affordable. Quartz makes a great countertop option for busy families due to the spill, scratch, and heat-resistant nonporous surface.

4. Wood Paneling

Another classic look with modern appeal, shiplap panels are more versatile than ever. Choose natural wood for rustic, farmhouse appeal, or paint it white to go sleek and sophisticated.

5. New Neutrals

Leave beige and gray behind and opt for these warmer neutrals for furniture, fixtures, and even sinks. Think olive green, burnished red, and faded blues to add subtle, sophisticated color to any kitchen palette.

6. Smart Technology

As with the rest of the home, our kitchens will get smarter in 2017. Exciting features to consider include sensor lights that activate automatically, hands-free faucets, and even appliances that sync with smartphones to provide information and alerts.

At MLM, homeowners planning a remodel can view examples of these six kitchen trends in person, and our expert designers can help customize these looks to fit each client’s personal aesthetic.

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