Statement Ceilings: The Right Choice for Your Home?

In a grander past, the ceilings of beautiful homes were a status symbol unto themselves. Painted, vaulted, domed, or coffered, the more ornate the ceiling, the more impressive the room and the more prestigious the social profile. While notions of home luxury have evolved since the age of the Great Houses, history is cyclical and so is home fashion. Thus, the “fifth wall” has reemerged as a focal point of home décor. Now more than ever, interior design is turning its attention upward. Statement ceilings are back, and they’re saying stylish things.

Right For Any Renovation

Statement ceilings convert otherwise uninteresting rooms into intriguing spaces alive with character, color, and dimensions. They’re particularly effective in home renovations where unfortunate popcorn ceilings or extremely high ceilings are an issue. They can add the crowning touch that transforms an ordinary house into an extraordinary residence. A room’s dimensions and décor should dictate the statement its ceiling makes.

Raising The Bar Overhead: Ideas To Inspire

Statement ceilings with handcrafted looks are a beautiful choice in interiors that feature wood grain, stone, or brick. Classic options for dramatic yet traditional changes include coffered, beadboard, and exposed-beam ceilings. More modern wood ceiling approaches use finished or distressed wood planks or parquet floorboards set in an interesting pattern to invert optical focus and introduce intimacy to a space.

wood decorated ceilingModern ceiling systems, such as beadboard and wood plank, recreate the look of some traditional carpentered ceilings. Retrofitting with these systems yields great results and is usually more practical than removing or replacing unsightly original ceilings.

The “fifth wall” approach allows the extension of unique style motifs for truly creative home renovations. For example, bold ceiling stripes can excite a neutral palette or unify accent colors while also visually lengthening or shortening a room. Wallpaper graphics can become ceiling designs that continue or complement the lower four walls. Bold accent blocks or a contrasting solid-colored ceiling can make a striking Art Deco statement or a muted mid-century one, depending on other choices. Aside from wall height, one’s only limitations are creativity, taste, and financing.

As our gallery shows, MLM Incorporated has an impressive portfolio of unique home renovations, including historic homes. We’ve created and restored several statement ceilings on budget and on time, as evidenced by our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Contact us today for a quote!

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