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  • What Is The Future Of Shopping Center In The South?

    When Victor Gruen designed the first indoor mall in the 1950s, he envisioned a community meeting space more like the bustling streets of his youth in Vienna. He imagined a mixed-use space. Restaurants, offices, and residential apartments would sit alongside retail stores. For Gruen, these malls would become a dedicated third space. Not home. Not […]

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  • New for 2019: This Year’s Hot Restaurant Design Trends

    A restaurant’s atmosphere can be as important as its menu and service. The design style of a restaurant should complete the hospitality package and be aesthetically pleasing to patrons, who often come to restaurants for the entire experience, not just the meal. In 2019, the industry will likely see the trends that create a natural, […]

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  • Three High Points Among NOLA Construction Icons

    In a twist of NOLA construction history, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, opened in 1975, is today as iconically New Orleans as the St. Louis Cathedral, built 181 years earlier. Curtis & Davis designed the “Flying Saucer” with a 440,000-sq ft dome that soars 273 ft above Poydras Avenue. Until 1992, it was the world’s largest fixed-dome […]

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