New for 2019: This Year’s Hot Restaurant Design Trends

A restaurant’s atmosphere can be as important as its menu and service. The design style of a restaurant should complete the hospitality package and be aesthetically pleasing to patrons, who often come to restaurants for the entire experience, not just the meal. In 2019, the industry will likely see the trends that create a natural, comfortable, and welcoming feel. Here are a few key restuarant design trends to expect.

Open Concepts

Tables and modern design in a restaurant

The days of private seating closed floor plans, and an isolated kitchen is going by the wayside. Now more than ever, restaurant design trends are moving from providing intimate dining experiences to communal ones, encouraging a change in the way people approach eating in public. As dining becomes more social, the commercial design of kitchens and dining spaces often involves opening the entire space to include communal seating and visible kitchens.

Bold Palettes

As seating becomes more social and restaurant spaces become smaller, the design trends are getting bigger, bolder, and more outspoken. The design industry is embracing the age of Instagram by introducing brighter, warmer accents like paint, textured and patterned wallpaper, and even upholstery. To take it up a notch, many restaurants will feature colorful art pieces, decor, and dishes.

Bringing Hygge Home

Hygge (pronounced HYOO-guh) is a Danish concept that continues to grow in popularity in the United States. While there’s no direct translation, it refers to a feeling of coziness and joy with the simple things in life. In keeping with this trend, some restaurants are taking the bold color and design approach in a more natural direction by incorporating live plants, green walls, and eco-friendly design materials.

If you’re planning a commercial remodel or new construction of a restaurant in 2019, MLM Incorporated is happy to combine your great ideas with our experience, innovative designs, quality workmanship, and creative techniques to make your vision a reality. Contact us today at 504-322-7050 for a quote.

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