Technology Trends for Your Kitchen

Photo of new modern kitchen techology

Keeping a kitchen up to date can result in major aesthetic and efficiency improvements. Check out these recent technology trends that can usher a kitchen remodel into the 21st century.

Touch and Swipe Controls

From phones to cars to televisions, it seems everything is becoming touchscreen these days—so why not an oven? Touchscreen accessibility is available on many kitchen appliances, including microwaves, stoves, and even refrigerators. There are also numerous appliances that allow users to connect them to their smartphones and, for instance, begin preheating an oven with the right swipe. Smart technology is also considered one of 2017’s more sophisticated kitchen trends.

Synched Appliances

Taking touchscreens a step further, these synched appliances use Bluetooth technology to reinvent the standard of kitchen convenience. These synchronizations include simple details such as synching up clock times, to more complex feats like synchronizing cooking times between the microwave, oven, and range so that every part of a meal finishes cooking at the same time.

Steam Ovens

The new technology provided by steam ovens allows these appliances to cook food more quickly while retaining nutrients, flavor, and color. Using both steam and convection heating, some models of steam ovens even come with pre-programmed recipes where the oven calculates which modes to use in order to cook the food properly. They also offer features like programming a time for the food to be finished and allowing the oven to calculate when to begin baking, making them perfect for a residential remodel.

Retro Styles

Interior design trends are cyclical, and this applies to kitchen remodels as much as any other part of the house. Appliances such as rounded, colorful refrigerators and microwaves are making their way onto the scene, providing all the modern technological advantages while adding character and style. Bright colors can also work with kitchen lighting to make a bold statement.

When considering which changes to make in a kitchen renovation, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. With these tech-savvy updates, homeowners will improve functionality and resale value as well.

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