Three Common Home Renovation Problems

Image of old new orleans home - MLM IncorporatedAnyone that’s ever undertaken a home renovation project will agree that it’s not easy. Every remodeling project runs the risk of uncovering new issues and complications that could cost time and money. Even the best-laid plans don’t always go accordingly, so it’s important to understand these common remodeling issues.


Many laborers, drywall technicians, electricians, and other tradesmen working in the construction industry face potential exposure to asbestos and harmful toxins, which were used for many years in insulation, roofing products, and other construction materials. Now that the effects of these cancer-causing toxins have been discovered, professional workers take precautions to avoid contact with these harmful materials. Most homes built up until the 1970s contain asbestos, so in older homes, it’s wise for homeowners to assume that their home does contain these harmful materials. While replacing the material will delay the home renovation, it’s a lot easier to take precautionary measures than it is to treat cancer.


Many people have no idea that their home has mold, even though it can cause allergies, headaches, and other severe health issues. Mold most commonly grows in cool, damp, and dark places, but spores can grow anywhere in the house. Unfortunately, most people don’t figure that out until they’re in the midst of their home remodeling project. When mold is found during a renovation project, homeowners need to work with a mold professional or contractor to remove the spores, as exposure to certain types of mold can be very toxic.


Time and time again, homeowners have undertaken a home remodeling project only to discover that the foundation of their home is threatened by termites. Before starting the project, it’s important for homeowners to get their home professionally inspected for termites. Any termite issues should be addressed before starting a new construction project or the homeowner risks spending more money and more time on renovations and facing additional problems down the road.

What issues have you faced in your home renovation projects? We’d love to hear your advice for other homeowners!

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