Tips for Furnishing Your Home and Living Area

Depending on your design expertise, furnishing your home can either be an exciting adventure or a terrifying nightmare. Unfortunately, many people are shy when it comes to home furnishings because they aren’t sure what pieces go together, what’s in style, or even where to begin. Whether you’re renovating your home or decorating your new construction, these tips will make furnishing your home a breeze, so you’ll have a beautiful, comfortable living room before you know it.

Pick a Focal Point

When you walk into your living room, the focal point is that spot that catches your attention right away, whether it’s a spot in the center of the room or the corner with the TV. This should be the starting point for decorating the room. Start by arranging your sofas, chairs, and other seating pieces around this area. It’s best to arrange pieces facing one another or angled toward each other to encourage conversation, interaction, and engagement. Not sure which furniture to choose? For a large room, consider two matching sofas, or one sofa and two comfortable armchairs for a smaller room. Ottomans are great for home furnishing because they’re both practical and stylish and double as chairs for large gatherings.

Choose Practical Items

When furnishing your home, consider using pieces that can be moved around for style and functionality. Some of these items are swivel chairs, upholstered benches, stools, and coffee tables, which are all easy to move to create a large open space or several smaller spaces for more intimate gatherings. If you plan to host guests, don’t forget to set these portable pieces close to a table, tray, or some other surface for them to place their food or drink.

Make It Look Livable

While your formal living room may get limited use outside of family get-togethers, it should look lived in to avoid feeling stuffy. Some home furnishings to consider are large area rugs, comfortable fabrics, and any other pieces that actually make you want to spend time in the room. Accessories and decor like books and paintings can really add character to a room, particularly in historic homes.

What are your best tips for furnishing your home or living space? Contact us for more great ideas!

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