Tips for Surviving a House Remodel

Tips for Surviving a House Remodel

Home remodeling promises homeowners new and innovative spaces to enjoy. However, before arriving at the enjoyment phase, it’s necessary to get through the renovation work. While some people choose to vacate the premises to live in a rental, others opt to ride out the storm in the midst of the chaos. Living in the house during the remodeling is possible, but it takes preparation and a heavy dose of reality.

Speak with the Contractor

The general contractor has specific information about the scope of the home remodeling project, so homeowners planning to remain in the house should speak with this professional. Clear communication about family plans will help the contractor plan the project. Some contractors institute special clauses into a contract when families choose to remain in the structure, especially if children and pets will be present. These clauses release the crew from liability if pets get loose or the work takes longer than projected.

Controlling the Dust

Remodeling dust will be one of the biggest issues. Contractors can help with setting up plastic barriers to seal off rooms, but families need to understand that dust and debris will still infiltrate the living space. Operating an air purifier in the living space will help eliminate some dust. Seal off vents and ducts leading into the living space, also. Daily vacuuming will be a must.

Setting up Living Space

The family will need protected and comfortable living space. If the kitchen is a part of the project, a temporary kitchen will enable simple food preparation. Many people set up a refrigerator, microwave, hot plate, coffee maker, toaster oven, and laundry tub in another room of the house. Washing dishes in the bathtub is another option. Spending time in outdoor living areas such as decks and patios is also helpful during this time.

Children and Pets

Children and pets need special protection during a remodeling phase. Children can be distracting for workers, and they often don’t understand the dangers of the work areas. Parents must supervise children at all times to keep them safe and away from the renovations. Families must devise a way to contain pets to keep them from interfering with the work or getting loose.

Although living in a house that is being remodeled is possible in many cases, this decision does require careful consideration and planning.

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