Transform Your Kitchen With New Backsplash Tiles

Transform Your Kitchen With New Backsplash Tiles

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned home cook or the local pizza joint knows you by name, the kitchen is still an important room in any home. There are endless ways to personalize a kitchen, from changing paint colors to undertaking a complete kitchen remodeling project. To add a fun pop of color or an element of sophistication to the room, a kitchen contractor can spruce up the cooking area with new backsplash tiles.


Whether it’s used to add personality or sophistication, the style of backsplash sets the tone for the entire room. From playful and lighthearted to subtle but refined, the styles of backsplash available are as varied as the people living in the home. No matter the vibe your kitchen gives off, it’s easy to find a backsplash that fits your style.

To choose a style of backsplash, many kitchen contractors recommend planning around other elements of the kitchen. For kitchen remodeling projects, it’s often easiest to first decide on a cabinet style, countertop material and color, and floor design before choosing the backsplash. By deciding on the other elements first, it can be much easier to pick out a backsplash design that enhances the room. Homeowners who aren’t doing a complete renovation will also find that it’s easier to settle on a backsplash design when the other elements of the kitchen are already in place.

Styles of Backsplashes

Whether it’s a complete kitchen remodeling project or a small renovation, changing the backsplash can totally change the mood of a kitchen. Some homeowners prefer a traditional, masculine look with dark cabinets and countertops, combined with a graphite backsplash. For a modern kitchen, a monochromatic color scheme with black and white backsplash creates a contemporary vibe. A multi-colored backsplash in fun shapes and geometric patterns shows off a homeowner’s playful side.

No matter the style, it’s important to try out different types of backsplash by taping samples to the wall to see how they look throughout the day. For a totally new look, consider mixing and matching different styles, colors, and finishes for a look that’s uniquely your own. Ask your kitchen contractor for recommendations, or take a look at our gallery for inspiration.​

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