What to Do With That Fireplace You’re Not Using

New Orleans Transitional Bathroom - - MLM IncorporatedTraditional New Orleans home design often makes the fireplace the centerpiece of the home. Fireplaces do, in fact, make a beautiful design statement, but historic remodeling in New Orleans can be dealt a blow with a nonworking fireplace. Fireplace repair and reassembly are costly, but it is possible to keep the stunning look of an original fireplace without having to dip into your emergency funds.

Let It Shine

Sometimes a simple cleanup and patching are all that is needed. MLM’s historic preservation efforts were recently featured in an article on Houzz that showcased nonfunctioning fireplace design. The project chosen highlights the original brick of the fireplace without adding anything else to the decor. This strategy works well when you are using the fireplace and mantle as a grounding piece for other furniture or elements within the room.

Book It

Another idea is to add shelving to create a place for books or other memorabilia. This is a great historic preservation technique within New Orleans since libraries are a popular part of original floor plans. Shelves can be constructed with wood or masonry to match the backdrop of the fireplace and keep the look consistent. The key is to create something new without taking away from the historic nature of the house.

Add Some Wood

Creatively stacking wood within the firebox can draw attention up towards the mantle of a nonworking fireplace. A general contractor in New Orleans, like MLM, can help to ascertain the sturdiness of the fireplace before wood elements are added. This is an important step to ensure that damage is not done to the mantle or mantle shelf so the original nature of the design can shine through.

A nonfunctional fireplace does not have to put a cap on historic remodeling in New Orleans houses. Let an expert help guide the path to a warm look!

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