Where Should You Begin Your Home Renovation?

Whether remodeling a single room of their home or undertaking a whole home renovation project, there are many important questions homeowners should consider before getting started. MLM tackles a few of these tough questions to make any home remodeling project more successful.

Question: “How do I know which rooms should be renovated?”

Answer: Home remodeling is about more than just updating wallpaper and countertops. Few projects rarely go as planned, and many homeowners come across unexpected, non-aesthetic issues that need to be addressed, like mold or electrical problems. That’s why the first step to any home renovation project should be to have a licensed home inspector check out every corner of the house, from the basement to the roof, to assess the home’s health and make recommendations for needed repairs. This step should never be skipped because unexpected issues can add thousands of dollars or more to the cost of the project. The opinion of a professional home inspector is crucial to developing a plan of action for the project.

Question: “Which home renovation project offers the biggest ROI?”

Answer: Unfortunately, there’s not one hard-and-fast answer to this question, as many different factors play into home value. But in general, kitchen and bathroom renovations tend to offer the most bang for the buck, as these are generally the rooms that matter most to buyers. Kitchen and bathroom renovations can be expensive, but they often pay for themselves at sale time. Homeowners who don’t want to sink too much money into their home renovations can also see a generous return just by updating appliances, paint, and hardware. Visit our gallery for design inspiration.

Question: “Which home remodeling projects should be avoided before selling the home?”

Answer: Swimming pools are the number one home renovation project to avoid. While they appeal to some buyers, many people don’t see past their extra maintenance work, upkeep costs, and potential liability issues. Home office renovations also don’t offer much return on investment. The money would be better spent on kitchen, bath, or even bedroom renovations.

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