A Complete Guide to Bathroom Sinks

Photo of a white Modern Bathroom

Bathroom sinks may seem insignificant, but they can often be the focal point of the room. When deciding on changes for an upcoming bathroom remodel, it’s good to have a sense of all of the options first.

Self-Rimming Sink

A self-rimming sink, also known as a drop-in sink, is an easy-to-install asset that has a finished edge to prevent water from leaking. Traditionally, the sink itself is porcelain with a silver faucet, making it a more classic option.

Pedestal Sink

Instead of being incorporated into a counter, a pedestal sink is a structure all its own. A freestanding pedestal supports these traditionally white pieces, and their size makes them a great option for smaller bathrooms.

Undermount Sink

Unlike a self-rimming sink, which sits atop the counter, an undermount sink offers a seamless incorporation into a counter. They are sleek, easy to clean and offer a contemporary feel.

Vessel Sink

This style gets its name because it incorporates a vessel, such as a bowl or a basin, which sits on top of the counter to collect water. Vessel sinks can often brag bright colors and become a focal point of the room, so they are popular for complete bathroom remodels.

Wall-Mounted Sink

A wall-mounted sink juts out from the wall, making it easy to style and simple to clean. They also allow for significant storage space, making them great for tight spaces and easy to incorporate with flooring choices.

Console sink

Similar to a pedestal sink, a console sink is a table-like fixture that is supported by bracket-like legs. It can allow for a more open feel to a bathroom remodel and complements bold features like custom light fixtures.

Vanity Sink

Another great option when looking for storage space is a vanity sink, which is installed into a cabinet. It can give the space a rustic or beachy feel and is highly customizable.

Whether the goal is to increase efficiency or to refresh and relax, the sink simply cannot be overlooked during a bathroom renovation.

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